Events: Top Kid-Friendly Activities For The Week

Check out the Children's Museum of Manhattan's new summer exhibit "Dynamic H2O!" Photo via
Check out the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s new summer exhibit “Dynamic H2O!” Photo via

Hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! This short work week includes family events such as a seasonal, water-themed exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, an exhibition at the Children’s Museum of the Arts for sports fans, a five-day science fest, an interactive arts festival on Governors Island, and a family weekend at the New-York Historical Society. Happy Tuesday!

Through September

“Dynamic H2O” Exhibit
Children’s Museum of Manhattan
Museum hours
Kids can make a splash at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s newest, outdoor summer exhibit, “Dynamic H2O!” From opening day on May 28 through the month of September, “Dynamic H2O” brings to life the amazing story of  New York City’s water supply, and features a 16-ft interactive water table that allows children to investigate the path of NYC’s water. The exhibit also explores the water cycle, allowing kids to cause rain with the press of a button, as well as experiment with water flow, pressure, and even plumbing! Free with museum admission. Weather permitting.

Beginning Tuesday, May 31

“Game On!” Exhibit
Children’s Museum of the Arts
Museum hours
Starting this Tuesday, the Children’s Museum of the Arts will explore our relationship to sports in its new exhibit “Game On!” Contemporary artists show how gender, power, history, pop culture, and society have shaped a variety of sports and how physical play has evolved through time. Exhibiting artists include Zoe Buckman, Michelle Grabner, David Rathman, Hank Willis Thomas, Louisa Armbrust, and others. Runs through Sunday, September 4. Free with museum admission.

Wednesday, June 1-Sunday, June 5

World Science Festival
Various locations throughout NYC
Various times
The World Science Festival comes to New York this year with a line-up of kid-friendly events that will delight all ages. On June 4-5, young scientists can design their own products, scan bones from an archeological dig, and geotrack wildlife as they learn alongside leading scientists during the Apprentice Program (tickets required); or join the Great Fish Count, helping ecologists count and release marine critters at 15 sites across the city. Don’t miss the fest’s culminating event, Street Science on Sunday (6/5) in Washington Square Park, where you can expect dazzling demonstrations and experiments for all ages, in addition to games, entertainment, and activities from 10am-6pm. Love the fair? Watch out for more events in NYC this year as the World Science Festival and Con Edison kick off their City of Science program which will host one science-related event in each borough throughout 2016. Street Science is free and open to the public; other events require advance tickets.

Friday, June 3-Sunday, June 5

Figment NYC
Governors Island
Art lovers of all ages are invited to Governors Island this weekend for Figment NYC, a celebration of participatory arts and culture. View sculptures, paintings, installations, performances, technological innovations and more! Families can also participate in the artsy fun with workshops and games. This event is free.

Saturday, June 4-Sunday, June 5

Mo Willems Family Weekend
New-York Historical Society
Join the New-York Historical Society during Mo Willems Family Weekend for readings by Mo, book signings, interactive activities, storytelling, photo ops with Elephant and Piggie, and more. Parents and children alike can also explore the museum’s “The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems” exhibit which is filled with wisdom, life lessons, and humor. Free with museum admission.

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