Emerson Resort & Spa: A Relaxing Catskills Getaway

At just about two hours’ door to door from the Upper West Side, the Emerson Resort & Spa is one of those places you know you’ll return to time and time again. That’s because the owner has thought of just about everything you and your family need to get away from the city’s hectic pace, no matter the season.

Perched right in the midst of Catskill Park, the sophisticated and homey resort pays homage to poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, who wrote Nature, an essay inspired by the natural beauty surrounding the resort, and you’ll find many an Emerson quote adorning the walls of this luxurious getaway with high-end rooms that boast gas fireplaces, air-jetted tubs and Swiss showers and in-room toiletries from local brand Beekman 1802.

But it’s the resort’s famed World’s Largest Kaleidoscope that may be the thing that captures the heart of your kids the most. It’s housed in a 60-ft high barn silo and resort guests are comped the fee for regular multimedia shows (run time: 10 minutes) that combine moving images and theater-quality sound. So between this unusual experience and the resort’s Game Room–which features, ping pong, Nintendo Wii, and plenty of board games–your kids will be entertained, no matter how cold it is outside.

For mom and dad, the resort boats a nicely laid out fitness center, daily classes, access to 1.2 miles of cross country ski trails and epic shopping at The Emerson Country Stores, a collection of shops and boutiques including a toy store, home décor shop, and the General Store, which features plenty of locally sourced items—and the entire complex of stores is attached to the resort so there’s no need to brave the elements while browsing.

A big feature of the Emerson: The spa which will definitely beckon thanks to its imaginative list of spa services, 10 treatment rooms, full-service nail salon, tranquil Quiet Room, sauna, steam, and outdoor hot tub.

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And finally there’s yummy locally sourced food to be had here. Ask to sit by the fireplace if you’re seeking a cozy breakfast and dinner at the super-modern Woodnotes Grille. The breakfast menu features a kids scrambled egg and toast ($5) or kids pancake ($3) and plenty of options for the adults, whether it’s house-made corned beef hash, over easy eggs, or a chorizo, mushrooms, scallions, and asiago scramble over potatoes and jalapeno sour cream skillet if that’s more your speed. Lunch is more casual and available at Ralph’s Café, also on-site, featuring sandwiches, salads and quiches. Dinner is back at Woodnotes and the burger is sure to please your kids though other kid-friendly options are available.

Best of all: Your family pet is welcome here, too, provided you alert the resort in advance. In fact, the Emerson features its on-property Catamount Dog Park, a 60-ft wide by 100-ft long dedicated fenced-in area for your pooch. Just further proof that every single member of the family is truly taken care of at the Emerson!

Plus: While you’re there, stop in for breakfast or lunch at the Phoenicia Diner, a local fave, located right down the road from the Emerson. A bit further down the road: Phoenicia, New York, with its small but sweet downtown. Skiing at Hunter Mountain and shopping in Woodstock, New York, are also mere 20 minute drives away.

Emerson Resort & Spa is located at 5340 Route 28, Mt. Tremper, New York. To learn more, call (845) 688-2828 and visit EmersonResort.com!


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