Manhattan Preschool and Day Care Expands Program to Younger Students

Elizabeth Seton Day Care and Preschool has availability for more 2-year-old children in their program.

The Elizabeth Seton Day Care and Preschool consists of a Montessori-based, developmental program focused on young infants 2 months to 5 years. The learning and child care center has expanded its program and has availability for 2-year-olds. At Elizabeth Seton Day Care and Preschool children are encouraged to learn and experiment independently in a warm and nurturing environment.

Located in Manhattan, the preschool is a modified program containing traditional preschool tools while also teaching enrichment classes, sports, dance, yoga, and Spanish. Terrye Morgan, the director at the Elizabeth Seton Preschool, says the preschool offers its children and parents much more than a traditional program.

“Other preschools don’t offer as many enrichment [opportunities],” Morgan says. “Here, children get the best of both worlds, getting all the benefits from the in-school teaching as well as having free participation in after-school activities.”

At Elizabeth Seton Preschool children explore work alongside their peers while teachers guide and encourage them. The preschool has four groups—two with children of 24 to 36 months—with three teachers in each group.

At Elizabeth Seton Preschool children have the opportunity to take many different classes, such as Little Builders, during which children become familiar with building tools. Children will also experience exciting and educational field trips to zoos and parks.

Elizabeth Seton Preschool aims to provide children assistance that will enrich and educate them in an environment of mutual trust and respect.

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Main image: Children are taught with an emphasis on nurturing at Elizabeth Seton Day Care and Preschool.
Courtesy Elizabeth Seton Preschool