Diapers.com Takes Convenience To The Next Level

BFRH_LP_desktop_01Already known in NYC for providing free overnight delivery on orders of $49 or more, Diapers.com has established itself as a go-to favorite for busy new moms and dads. Yet this trusted baby essentials online store was not about to stop there. On Dec. 10 they announced that they would now be providing free Lyft rides so new parents and babies can get home from the hospital stress-free.

After doing the research, Diapers.com discovered just how challenging it is for some families to get home from the hospital. While 77 percent of Manhattan households, and over 55 percent of NYC households, do not own a car, getting home from the hospital can become just as stressful as the process that went on inside of it.

For years, Diapers.com’s tagline has been “we deliver everything but the baby.” Now, their true dedication to their customers is really showing as they are taking the commitment to convenience one step further by doing something that no other company has thought of.

Although the $50 Lyft gift cards that Diapers.com is giving out to new families will only last until Christmas day, it is sure to help out families with new babies during the busiest time of the year. This promotion will give moms and dads one less thing to worry about during the busy holiday season and the upcoming birth of their new son or daughter.

One can contact the Diapers.com customer care team 24/7 at 1-800-DIAPERS on the day of their discharge from the hospital to get the $50 Lyft gift card. Maintaining its holiday spirit, Diapers.com is also featuring other exciting promotions at this time, such as $10 off your first case of diapers as well as $5 off all future cases through March 31, 2015. This can be attained by using the promo code GIMMEFIVE at checkout.

Visit Diapers.com and lyft.com for more info!

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