Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton of Chillhouse: It’s Cyndi’s World

cyndi ramirez-fulton
Photo by Yumi Matsuo

When it came to deciding on an August cover, it wasn’t hard to choose this born and raised New York new mom (who gave birth to baby boy Hendrix while this issue was going to press). Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, along with her husband Adam, are owners of the coolest self-care destination in NYC, Chillhouse.

In years to come, we will all have our pandemic stories on how our lives changed. Cyndi will definitely have one to share for being pregnant with her first child, running Chillhouse Soho Flagship, an e-commerce shop, and the popular The Chill Times blog.

We were undoubtedly impressed on our cover shoot how Cyndi and Adam snuggled with dog Rocky, dealt with work, and waited for baby Hendrix. They were … well… ‘chill.’

Cyndi and Adam have changed how New Yorker’s indulge in self-care. It is one of those spots we didn’t know we needed, but we did. Chillhouse’s space feels open and energetic yet not ostentatious. Sip on an adaptogenic latte while indulging in a social distancing mani/pedi, yes please, don’t mind if I do.

cyndi ramirez-fulton
Photo by Yumi Matsuo

We are huge fans of Chillhouse. What inspired you to create this cool space?

Thanks! My husband and I had a huge a-ha moment where we witnessed a void in NYC after an afternoon of trying to get massages and not loving our options. From there, it opened up the conversation of spas and what exists (and doesn’t) and how the industry felt a bit dated all around. We sought out to fix just that!

We know so many businesses have been hit by the pandemic. You have had to contend with this while pregnant with your first child. How are you doing?

It hasn’t been easy, but I’m coping. The first month was a tumultuous rollercoaster and from there, there have been more unexpected layers of stress due to back-to-back national crises. In a way though I feel really grateful that Hendrix is born this year; work from home culture allows us to stay with him longer and be more present about our home environment overall. I’ve learned to cook more and have become quite the nester — I used to want to go out 24/7 and now I’m content in my little apartment no matter how cramped it is. I also think it’ll be quite badass for him to say he was born this year and share our story with his kids one day. Looking at the bright side to an otherwise painful year.

You come from a strong line of Latina women — who are some of the women that are part of your support system? 

My mother is the OG Latina girl boss for sure and I also have multiple aunts with their own businesses in Colombia. There’s something in our blood for sure.

As far as women in my support system goes, I have too many to list but I’ll give a special shoutout to some of our female founders/angel investors in CH such as Sophia Amoruso, Babba Rivera, Jaclyn Johnson, and fellow mamas & badass investors Sari Azout & Ligaya Tichy. They have not only supported us financially but I look at all of them as mentors and women who continue to lift us up in ways I could have never imagined. I’m so lucky to have them as partners in this chill journey.

Photo by Yumi Matsuo

Since you are going to be a mom in a minute, what are you most excited about going from a unit of three (we are including your sweet dog Rocky in this mix) to four?

I suppose I’m just excited to continue expanding our lives and to build a family — as simple as it sounds. I never really knew if I wanted a baby but the second I saw the test strip, I knew Hendrix was “the one.” It was that easy. I can’t imagine life without him now and I haven’t even met him yet!

Your husband, Adam, is your partner in Chillhouse. Was it a no brainer to work on this together? How do you make it work?

I don’t think Adam would give me a choice to not work on something so cool! He definitely gave me the confidence and that push to get started — this is his baby just as it is mine. We make it work because we operate differently and we’ve had to learn to respect how we work. It’s been YEARS of learning and we don’t always get it right, but we work on it daily I’d say. Same as a life partner, no?

What do you love about NYC, and what are you most excited about sharing with your new babe?

The people. The places. The culture. I’m a product of NYC — born and raised here, baby. I love that it’s honest and as much as it chews you up and spits you out, there’s also this camaraderie and respect that exists amongst New Yorkers. We look out for one another, especially during times like these; I’ve never felt more supported as a business owner by my fellow New Yorkers.

I’m excited for Hendrix to be exposed to all of New York’s beauty & grit. He won’t be sheltered. He’ll learn how to speak to everyone with respect. He’ll be friends with kids from all walks of life. He’ll be a good friend and a good son. He’ll learn how to work hard and think smart. He’ll be exposed to different cultures and he’ll appreciate all of them for what they are.

Photo by Yumi Matsuo

While there are so many unknowns as we move into a ‘new normal,’ how can we get our Chillhouse fix?

We’ll be reopening our flagship location any day now (definitely by the time this goes to print!). We’ll also be launching products this year so you can keep up the chill at home. Think self-care goods that cover all of your beauty and wellness needs. We’re going to slowly roll out these products this year and into 2021.

You have amazing style — what or who inspires you, and what are some of your go-to pieces?

Thank you! Lately, I’ve been living in flowy dresses (especially during summer). Oversized, airy and easy to throw on is my motto. I need convenience and comfort but I also like to feel sexy and strong. I follow and am friends with so many stylish women, always have, and I take bits and pieces of their style and apply it to my own body type needs and comfort.

What products/supplements have been helpful for you during pregnancy?

I take Ritual for my prenatals — they’re a game changer. I also don’t know what I’d do without my belly wedge pillows and belly creams. I use Mutha’s Body Butter for stretch mark prevention as well as Kate McLeod’s Body Stone.

Cyndi’s Favorites

Chillhouse offers loads of great self-care products. Here are some of founder and CEO Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton’s personalized choices. More at

“Have a Chill Night” Tote

A double-sided 10 oz recycled cotton tote bag, $28

Chill Tips

A fun and modern take on the Press-On nail of Chillhouse’s iconic nail designs. Shop Editor-In-Chill, Wavy Baby and Dot-Matrix, $16

“Don’t Tell Me To Relax” 

A 100% ringspun jersey cotton long sleeve shirt – printed in NYC. $32

Fresh Hands Sanitizer

A 4oz glass spray bottle in-house blend of hand sanitizer. Leaves hands fresh and clean. $18

White Jade Gua Sha

Glide this tool across your face and neck to stimulate circulation, de-puff under-eye bags, lift, sculpt, relieve facial tension, and reduce negative energy. $25

“Palo Santo & Chill” Candle

Light this soy wax Cedarwood and citrus candle for some ‘chill’ times. $52