Cosmic Camp Opens at NYC CAMP Flagship Store September 6th!

Cosmic Camp Opens at NYC CAMP Flagship Store September 6th!

Cosmic Camp, the family experience company’s first adventure-themed experience, will be opening this September! Through such a new concept, the company hopes to bond families over its exotic, 8,000-square-foot play space filled with interactive games, physical and skill-based challenges and live performances.

Built and decorated to resemble an environment like outer space, Cosmic Camp offers physical and digital activities that encourage visitors to engage in using projection-mapping technology across space stations, asteroid fields, and lava pools.The space offers fun activities to try that are perfect for families with children of all ages.

Here are some of the interactive experiences that kids will have the opportunity to explore!

Cosmic Launch Pad: Families will enter a tunnel to arrive at the Launch Pad to see smoke billowing and flames erupting around them as they take off into space with the press of a single button.

Space Station: Kids will feel like they are actually headed into space while exploring the space station, which functions as an interactive teleportation tube.

Deep Space: Here families will be required to throw asteroids into black holes to collect prize coins until they vanish.

Remote Rovers: Families can enter the Command Center and use joysticks to control Remote Rovers and collect coins on an alien landscape.

Ice Caves: Visitors will explore a secret room offering mind games and visual awe here. This cave is home to illuminated symbols on the wall that match crystal-stalagmite-like drums in front of them.

The Floor is Lava: Families will be challenged to move without touching the spewing, hot virtual lava in this immersive space, featuring both projection-mapped lava pools and physical obstacles that must be avoided.

Points accumulated through games will be transmitted through Space Communicators worn by each family member, encouraging everyone to demonstrate their skills and earn coins for prizes.Visiting Cosmic Camp’s out-of-this-world experience is guaranteed to create a meaningful memory for families.

Not only will the experience of playing games in space be fun, but it will be something new for everyone! This awesome experience will be open starting September 6th and tickets can now be purchased online.

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