Convenience Meets Cool With Samsung’s New Home Appliance Collection

4-DoorFlex Counter Depth
4 Door Flex Counter-Depth Fridge

Whether you’re hosting a get together on a warm summer night or hosting one playdate after another, the family home can be a busy (and messy!) place this time of year. And that seems to be what Samsung had in mind when they created their new collection of home appliances for 2015.

With technology moving so quickly, sometimes the “cool factor” can outweigh function, so when products come along that combine the two in a happy medium, we like to call that a win. Take for example Samsung’s 4 Door Flex Counter-Depth Fridge. Yes, there are indeed four doors, however, one of those doors has the option to act as a third refrigerator. Tapping the Cool Select button allows you to control the temperature, so you can keep a dessert chilled or use it to store wine or uhh juice boxes for the kids!

The activewash washing machine has the so cool yet so functional built-in sink feature, perfect for pre-washing tough stains or hand washing delicates. Simply turn on the water jet and let the sink fill up. Use the gentle scrubbing surface to rub out any stains, and when you’re finished, lift up the sink and let the clothes and water fall into the basin from the opening in the rear of the sink. Saves not only time but also the mess of dripping water from sink to washing machine.

activewash washing machine

Another product in Samsung’s new collection is the Flex Duo Range, and it is any cook’s dream oven. With the removable Smart Divider, users have the option of cooking two dishes at once or using the whole space for one large dish. (Think Thanksgiving turkey.) With the Smart Divider in place, there is no transfer of aroma or taste, and dishes can be cooked to perfection at their own designated temperature. Current Flex Duo owners use just the top oven 92 percent of the time, which saves energy and preheats much faster.

According to a 2015 study by the BabyCenter 21st Century Mom Insight Series, 57 percent of the mothers surveyed said that when buying a new product, they value simplification the most–a product that will simplify their life. Lucky for these mothers, Samsung created the POWERbot robotic vacuum. With its wonderful just-press-the-on-button feature, this bot uses a digital camera and FullView Sensor to create a map of the home and determine an optimal cleaning path. It seamlessly moves from carpet to hard floor and has 60 times more suction than previous models. Using the remote control light beam, you can direct the bot for an on-demand spot clean. Cheerio spills gone in a flash! When the POWERbot is finished, it returns itself to the charging port. It is truly that easy.

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