Cognitive Behavioral Consultants in White Plains and Manhattan Now Offering Autism Diagnostic Evaluations

Cognitive Behavioral Consultants (CBC), with locations in White Plains and various locations in Manhattan, is now offering autism diagnostic evaluations. Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often exhibit deficits in communication and social relationships, and CBC hopes to use the evaluations to create comprehensive treatments for these individuals.

The evaluations combine comprehensive interviews and in-depth clinical histories, measures of cognition, language pragmatics, behavior and social-emotional functioning, and the Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedle to gain a thorough assessment of an individual’s diagnosis with their specific strengths and weaknesses. CBC works collaboratively with the youth’s family, teachers, and therapists to properly assess the individual. 

“Following the evaluation, the team at CBC carefully studies the results,” said Rachel Haddad, PsyD, Cognitive Behavioral Consultants’ director of neuropsychological assessment and educational support. “From there, we use the information not only to determine if an individual meets the criteria for ASD, but also to develop a comprehensive treatment and educational plan that will serve as a critical roadmap for effective treatment.”

CBC also offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for individuals ages three and older. For more information or to schedule a consultation with CBC, contact Michelle Greenberg, PhD at 914-385-1150, ext. 1. CBC has four locations and is open daily.  

Main Image: Rachel Haddad, PsyD, director of neuropsychological assessment and educational support at Cognitive Behavioral Consultants.