Want a More Resilient Kid? Check out Camp Tuku in the Catskills!

Camp Tuku

Want a More Resilient Kid? Check out Camp Tuku in the Catskills!

Hardly a day goes by when our phones don’t buzz with a story about stressed-out kids and the toll stress is taking on their young minds and bodies. That concern has inspired one summer camp, Camp Tuku, to focus its mission on bolstering kids’ social and emotional wellbeing. By combining  the excitement of traditional camp activities like archery, drama, and innovations with mindfulness skills, kids at Camp Tuku  learn how to cultivate positive self-awareness, shift their mindset, and develop the resilience necessary to navigate challenges life brings their way. 

Set amid breathtaking vistas, rivers, and trails of the Catskill Mountains, Camp Tuku’s programming is based on a three-part formula known to be essential for kids’ social-emotional health: 

Resilience + Mindfulness + Vitamin N-ature (time spent in the great outdoors)

Resilience & Mindfulness are Crucial for Kids’ Emotional Health.
Being resilient, as it turns out, is not a trait that some folks are born with and others are not. Rather, resilience is a learned skill acquired through experience. Like a muscle, resiliency can be developed at any age. Resilience developed in childhood has a significant effect on emotional wellbeing—even into adulthood!

At Camp Tuku, kids build resilience through simple and engaging mindfulness practices that  are tailored to campers’ energy level and attention span to help them

  • develop self-awareness
  • improve mental focus
  • enhance emotional regulation
  • enhance coping with stress
  • develop empathy & compassion
  • appreciate diversity 

Mindfulness-based activities at Camp Tuku include daily intention setting, yoga, journaling, gratitude practices, music and movement—all set to the tune of the great outdoors!
But this is not all…. 

Your child will bring mindfulness into all the amazing camp activities they choose to do at Camp Tuku. So, whether your kid is creating in woodshop, problem-solving in the art and science innovations lab, soaring to new heights on the ropes course, or paddling across the lake, they will use mindfulness skills to focus, persevere, and recover from challenges. 

Cam Tuku

Summer Camp Provides Unique Opportunities to Flex The Resiliency Muscle.
Going to summer camp, theoretically, is about discovering what one is capable of in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s a place to make new friends and try new things. But not all camps are created equal when it comes to fostering such abilities in children and very few do it to an extent that inspires kids to return home wanting to build-upon what they learned at camp

At Camp Tuku, kids acquire skills that they want to practice even after camp ends. For example, your child won’t incidentally make new friends – they will become confident in how to make new friends. They will be so thrilled with their ability to complete the challenge course, they’ll start plans for building a parkour course in your yard (or the living room)! 

Time Spent in Nature is Essential To Kids’ Mental Health
At Camp Tuku, kids are immersed in the health-boosting benefits of “Vitamin N”: Nature. When outdoors, kids are more likely to innovate games, problem-solve, and collaborate. 

Time spent in nature helps children…

  • feel less stress & anxiety
  • improve focus & attention
  • get more physical activity
  • be creative
  • improve overall physical & emotional health

The sights and sounds of nature are Camp Tuku’s inspiration for movement, creativity, and building more resilient kids!

Camp Tuku NY nurtures a child’s mind, heart, and body—so they can blossom into self-aware, resourceful, and capable individuals whose abilities and choices reflect their unique brilliance. If you’re looking for an innovative summer camp experience that is backed by proven strategies to positively affect your child’s emotional wellbeing, sign-up for Camp Tuku, today!