Celebrate Adventureland’s 60th Birthday Season!


Celebrate Adventureland’s 60th Birthday Season!

Adventureland is a popular destination for families during the season and is also known as Long Island’s favorite amusement park! This year, Adventureland is getting ready to celebrate its 60th birthday and to commemorate, is incorporating new additions to the park.

As soon as you walk up to the entrance, you will start to see changes at their custom designed Main Gate Plaza. They have added more ticket redemption and purchasing windows so families don’t have to spend as much time waiting in line and can enjoy more time having fun! 

For the kids that want to play their hand with some games, make sure you bring them to check out the newest claw machines at the arcade! 

Lastly, the most anticipated addition to the popular park is the FireBall rollercoaster! This ride is the 4th of its kind in the world and the 1st and only in North America, making it one that your family has to ride during your visit. FireBall will be open to riders this Spring and will be located next to The Wave Swing. 

Adventureland will be open for the season starting March 26th and 27th and will continue to be open on weekends and holidays during the Spring. Tickets, season passes, and gift cards can be purchased online now!

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