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  • Cat Greenleaf’s Top 5 Interviews

    The five people Cat would like on her stoop.

    By Sarah Torretta Klock

    Here are the top five people Cat Greenleaf would like to have on her stoop.

    1. Obama: I think it’s unfair that people expect one person to make immediate and sweeping change. I’m wondering how he stays sane in the face of the criticism.

    2. Bono: He walks the talk. Would he be able to do that if he wasn’t already wealthy/accomplished?

    3. Oprah: She set the standard on a lot of things that are important to me.

    4. Anthony Weiner: Was he naive, crazy, or drunk? How does he process it all now?

    5. My parents: There’s a lot I probably don’t remember, or that I mis-remember, from my upbringing. What do they most want me to remember from how they raised me? Also, how do they suggest I speak to my sons about adoption, based on their experiences with my sister?

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