Busy Babies & Parents Will Buzz For CleanBeeBaby

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How often does your mommy clean your stroller? I’m guessing not often enough. Does she have access to the best eco-friendly, baby-safe products? Not likely. And how much free time does she have? I’m thinking negative numbers. Enter CleanBeeBaby, a new environmentally responsible cleaning service for strollers, car seats, and more that just launched here in NYC.

I was a lucky enough babe to be invited to the CleanBeeBaby launch last week, so let me tell you everything I learned about this cool cleaning service! Fast, safe, convenient, and eco-friendly are the four key takeaways when it comes to CleanBeeBaby. Strollers can be cleaned and ready to roll on the same day—so babies don’t have to worry about not having their wheels when they need to jet somewhere (like another fantastic play date). Professional repair technicians keep all prams up to safety standards and in tip-top shape. And, just like me, CleanBeeBaby is mobile—and also at retail locations throughout the city. So you can drop off your wheels or schedule a house call. And families can rest assured that the cleaning is done with non-toxic products which remove dangerous germs thanks to their partnership with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company. (As I just recently learned, studies have shown that mold and harmful bacteria such as Strep, Staph, and E.Coli have been found living on these baby products—yuck!)

In celebrating the launch of CleanBeeBaby in NYC, the company is offering 500 free stroller cleanings this month around Manhattan. Who said the best things in life aren’t free? I even did a case study at their launch last week, testing out the service by giving them a big challenge. My stroller has already been through a lot after I was playing in the park and getting dirt everywhere. I even imported sand from the sandbox—which was no easy task. But the icing on the cake was that after my romp in the park, I ate some Cheerios on the go and smushed them into the seat’s smallest, hardest-to-reach crevices. And could you believe that after a quick couple of hours with the CleanBeeBaby pros, my stroller looked rejuvenated. Tada! After a steam bath and their special services, there were no major traces of dirt or even crushed cereal to be found. And, more importantly, beyond the stroller’s new shiny veneer, all those invisible creepy-crawly germs were zapped. CleanBeeBaby really knows how to sting!

Note to parents: CleanBeeBaby will be hosting an entire series of free cleaning events throughout this month, including offering their services at the New York Baby Show! For more details, check out CleanBeeBaby.com/NYC