Bubble Guppies Take On NYC In New Show

bubble guppies live
Bubble Guppies Live!

Kevin Riddagh, whose previous credits include Saturday Night Live, Off-Broadway productions including Truffles: Murder Mystery , and regional credits that include Seymour Krelborn in Little Shop of Horrors, Harold Hill in Music Man and Antipholus of Syracuse from Comedy of Errors. In his latest role, he’s taken on the part of Mr. Grouper from the well-loved children’s show Bubble Guppies as it mounts a stage production this April 14 and 15 at Beacon Theatre.

How are the Bubble Guppies getting ready to take the stage?

In this show, the guppies stretch their fins as they explore colors, numbers, senses, teamwork, problem-solving, and patience, all leading up to their big rock concert, which is sure to amaze and dazzle!

How do you bring our favorite small-screen TV characters and story alive on the big stage?

Popping off the screen, Gil, Molly, Oona, Deema, Goby, and Nonny are there on stage in person! Just like the show, they need help in their adventure. Breaking the fourth wall and fully engaging with the audience, these guppies are singing, dancing, and swimming right up to the fans so we can find Bubble Puppy.

What is it like to be cast as Mr. Grouper? How do you encourage the guppies’ intelligence and imaginations? Tell us a little about being Mr. Grouper and what we may not know.  

As any teacher knows, stoking the fire of creativity and imagination is important. The ability to lead others on the correct path to figure out the answers by themselves is the artful skill of a teacher. The ones that can do that and fully inspire their students are the best teachers. Pulling from my own experiences, we all have teachers that changed education for us, and I strive to do that in my everyday life, on stage and off.

Can you fill us in on this new storyline?

In our show, Bubble Guppies Live! Ready to Rock, the Bubble Guppies are preparing for their big rock concert when Bubble Puppy goes missing! It’s up to Gil, Molly, and their friends to find Bubble Puppy and get the concert rocking and rolling!

What can the audience expect?

The audience can expect tons of singing, dancing, and laughing as the characters and lessons pop from screen to stage. We fully encourage audience participation both from kids and adults. Everyone should sing and dance along with every crazy bone in their body! At the end, you’ll have an amazing memory with the people you care about.

What are the best songs and dances from the show?

Personally, I love the supermarket song, the zoo song, and “Outside.” The supermarket song has a really fun driving beat, almost like a preschool Hamilton. The zoo song is explorative and has a climate shift to a different part of the zoo. Finally, “Outside” is a favorite because my favorite character happens to lead the song!

 What is your favorite scene from the show?  

My favorite scene in the show is the final scene. Everyone is on stage singing and dancing. The audience is at their loudest, also singing and dancing, and it gives a real sense of shared humanity when you get a moment like that with an audience. It’s a special experience.

Any super special effects or secret surprises you can share with our readership?

I can’t share too much, but I will say one word: Penguins!

What will families enjoy most about seeing the show together?  

The experience of this show, unlike a new toy or a trip to the park, really sticks with kids and adults for years to come. I can remember seeing Toy Story on Ice at the age of 4 and it’s something my family still talks about. This is the exact same thing. You will leave the theater with an experience and memory that you can recall forever.

Give us three key words to describe the performance.  

Three words are: Colorful; engaging; swim-sational!

Anything else to add?

It’s a fun show in a gorgeous theater–the Beacon Theatre–in the greatest city in the world. I hope you’ll join us for a swim!

For more information on Bubble Guppies Live! visit msg.com!