Boarding Schools for Students to Excel and Thrive

Boarding Schools for Students to Excel and Thrive
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Boarding Schools for Students in or near New York

Navigating your child’s educational landscape in vibrant New York can be intricate as the offerings are plentiful. While there are public, private, charter, and many more schooling options- there are also highly regarded education instituitions such as Boarding Schools in and around New York. The compelling thing about Boarding schools is they offer a unique environment where children can thrive academically, socially, and personally. The focused educational setting and access to top-tier resources enable holistic growth and prepare children for future success. Check out these three schools that keep your child’s future at the forefront.

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Bard Academy & Bard College at Simon’s Rock  

Great Barrington, MA 01230

413-644-4400, [email protected]

For an accelerated path, Bard Academy & Bard College at Simon’s Rock is the way to go. Bard Academy is the nation’s first two-year boarding and day program designed to prepare 9th and 10th graders to start college early. They basically get fast-tracked to receive a Bachelor’s degree within six years of starting Bard Academy, as opposed to the 8 years it typically takes to get through high school and college. Bard College then follows the Academy, when students are ready to start college after the 10th or 11th grade. With over 35 majors and several top rankings including #4 for Most Innovative School, #5 for Best Undergraduate Teaching by U.S. News and World Report and among the Best Regional Colleges in the Northeast by The Princeton Review, Bard College offers an education like no other. 


Knox School 

541 Long Beach Road, St James NY 11780

The Knox School is Long Island’s oldest established, co-educational boarding and day school. Our inclusive environment serves grades 6-12 and Post-Graduate, providing students with a broad world perspective and a wide range of skills. At Knox, each student’s potential is unlocked and maximized because of the boundless experiences a Knox education provides. We are proud of our 100% graduate and acceptance rate to top four-year universities. Whether you are an aspiring engineer or entrepreneur, artist or architect, performer or physicist, a Knox education unlocks every student’s potential and prepares them for success after high school. 

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Ross School 

18 Goodfriend Drive, East Hampton 11937


Ross School’s mission is to change the way education meets the future; to foster interdisciplinary, integrated thinking and innovative leadership; to engage fully in the global community, and to facilitate lifelong learning. Ross School is a co-educational boarding (Grades 6–12) and day school (N–Grade 12) located on a beautiful campus in East Hampton, NY,  approximately two hours east of New York City. Serving approximately 375 students and attracting a world-class faculty, the School offers a global, integrated curriculum with engaging courses in science, math, arts, humanities, and wellness, with opportunities for independent study, competitive athletics, extracurricular activities, and travel. The Ross educational experience aims to impart to young people a 21st-century skill set and the inspiration that will motivate them to keep their minds actively engaged in learning. The School stresses direct personal experiences, inquiry through primary sources, and hands-on interpretation and analysis of information. Ross School has a successful college placement program, with 100% of applicants receiving acceptances at competitive colleges and universities.