Bluprint Launches New Family Vertical


Bluprint, NBCUniversal’s subscription service, has just launched a new slate of original family-friendly programming. Featuring talent such as celebrity chef Curtis Stone, the “TODAY” show’s Dylan Dreyer, and Bravo’s Fabio Viviani, the shows intend to be not just fun, but educational too.

“Every parent is looking for something creative to do with their kids,” Patrick Jager, vice president of programming and production at Bluprint, said in a press release. “By blurring the lines between ‘kids’ and ‘adult’ content, we hope to encourage co-viewing for families to enjoy their creative interests all in one place. The possibilities are endless for families to learn and get creative in ways that work for everyone.”

The Bluprint subscription offers families to find new ways to imagine, play, and grow together—no matter their skill level. If your little one has expressed interest in drawing, then the upcoming “Doodle Wars” would be the perfect show for them. If your family’s interest lies more in home decor, then you could check out “DIY Room Makeover,” the short series sharing hacks that transform bedrooms and family rooms. And if none of this tickles your fancy, then opt for “Pizza Revolution.” You can never go wrong with pizza.

According to Psychology Today, creative activity in childhood leads to innovation and success in adulthood. This is precisely what Bluprint hopes to achieve with its programs: To inspire families to spend fun quality time creating together. 

“There’s nothing better than watching your child embrace new challenges and discover new passions,” Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, general manager of Bluprint, said in a press release. “Bluprint is the spark your family needs to do more together, making ‘we time’ even more meaningful.  Our new content will ignite kids’ and families’ imaginations and gets them inspired to do, not just sit back and watch.”

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