Bilingual Birdies Opens in Little Neck, Plans to Open on Long Island

Bilingual Birdies has expanded to Queens, specifically in Little Neck, and plans to open a Long Island location at some point early this year. The Little Neck location officially opened and began offering classes at the Ally Pond Environmental Center on Feb. 3.

Sessions are once a week, spanning six weeks, and are designed for approximately 12 students per class. They require parent or caregiver attendance in each class, allowing for bonding and learning continuity to extend into the home. 

Bilingual Birdies aims to foster a learning environment in which a second language is taught through puppetry, song, and dance while also promoting diversity and inclusion. The Queens and Long Island locations will focus on beginner and intermediate level Spanish language for students of all backgrounds with ages currently ranging from six months to five years old.

Marilyn Duque, the new franchise owner of both locations, is among the first group of Bilingual Birdies franchise owners. Locations opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as Los Angeles, California as Duque began her journey.

Her interest started in May 2018 as Duque had a hard time finding a program in Queens to would help nurture and cultivate the Spanish language for her children. She found Bilingual Birdies, only to discover no classes were available near her home in Queens, but that the company was looking for new franchise owners. Her passion and love for the culture and language drove her to apply.

Duque self-identified a need for such a program in Queens. She states, “if I was looking, there was at least 10 of my friends who were looking for it.” The idea to also open in Long Island came during her interview process when the company informed Duque that there is a demand for it in the area.


Main Image:  Bilingual Birdies’ mascot, Myla Birdie, performs for children to encourage them to participate in critical moments of class.

Courtesy Bilingual Birdies