The Biggest Mistakes Made By Twin Parents

Not napping: “Don’t just soldier on,” Diaz says. “Sleep deprivation is an actual form of torture.”

Buying the wrong stroller: “I had six strollers before my kids turned 2,” Diaz says. Keep your specific needs in mind—for example, you’ll want wheels that won’t break on Manhattan streets.

Confusing the babies: “A three o’clock in the morning, they all look the same,” she notes. But you want to avoid feeding or changing the wrong child, so do your best to double check.

Refusing offered help: Always say “yes” to help. Don’t be stopped by trivial concerns like messiness.

Not getting any me time: “I don’t mean going to the bathroom with the door closed,” Diaz says. Make time for yourself, even if it’s walking the dog alone.

Isolating yourself from the outside world: Something as simple as running to the grocery store helps with cabin fever.

Losing perspective: “Don’t lose perspective—they do grow up,” Diaz assures. “Just regroup, pull it together, and tell yourself you can do a few more nights of this.” The crazy times won’t last forever.

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