The 10 Best Stores and Sites to Buy School Uniforms

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Best Stores and Sites to Buy School Uniforms!

As summer comes to an end, the back-to-school season is just beginning. With many kids going back to in-person learning, school uniforms are once again on the shopping list for back-to-school items. Now is the best time to start preparing your kids for a new school year. Be sure to always check your child’s school uniform policy before purchasing uniforms. This is a list of the best sites and stores to shop for school uniforms for a variety of ages.

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Cookies Kids

This store sells a wide selection of jumpers, polos, blazers, and all the school uniform basics at affordable prices. Cookies also offers custom embroidery and screen printing, for more information call their custom order hotline located on their website. They can also customize plaid jumpers and skirts to fit the school. There are 3 stores in NYC you can visit to shop in person.

Engelic Uniforms

Engelic Uniforms specializes in skirts and other uniforms made to fit girls. They have great winter skirts and their skirts are made to be resistant to any fading and staining. They offer all sizes and a variety of lengths to choose from. Due to Covid-19, their location in Brooklyn is currently closed for walk-ins but you can shop on their online store.

Flynn Ohara Uniforms 

Based in Philadelphia, this family-owned and operated business is a well-trusted partner of over 13,000 schools across the U.S.. They offer a school year product guarantee and allow returns and exchanges for up to one year. Virtual fittings are available to help measure your child’s size, determine the right amount of clothing and place your order. They have stores that you can visit in Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, and the Bronx.


The Gap store is a great place to buy clothing basics that can be worn as a school uniform. This includes khakis and a variety of sweaters. Gap describes their style as clean and confident as well as comfortable and accessible.

TBG Uniform Store

This uniform store offers clothing options for boys, girls, and juniors. School shoes and accessories such as ties are also sold on their website. While they have a smaller selection of uniform options, their prices are affordable and they have many uniform basics.

French Toast

Shop French Toast’s easy-to-navigate online store and find everything you need for your child’s back-to-school outfits, even masks, and shoes. This store also offers slim and plus-size options. French Toast also tends to offer deal throughout the back-to-school shopping season.

Love My Uniforms 

This store offers uniforms for a wide range of ages, from pre-school uniforms to juniors to young men. From brands such as Classroom and Real School, you can buy shorts, polos, jumpers and peter pan blouses in many different colors.

Liebman’s Children’s Clothing

To add some fun to a school uniform outfit, Liebman’s has many accessories that they offer including plaid headbands and bows. Their general store sells socks and tights, polos, blouses and sweaters. Currently, they only have uniforms catered towards girls available on their website.

Lu-Del’s Uniforms

Lu-Del’s Uniforms have been serving New Yorkers with uniforms for over 50 years. Their storefront is located at 364 S Broadway in Yonkers. You can now visit the store with your student to try on uniform sizes and purchase clothing items.

Fraylich School Uniforms

Fraylich is well-known for their high quality, different styles and knowledgeable customer service. Their most popular style is the Style J188 jumper, a unique jumper that can be moved up or down as your child grows and can even be worn as a skirt by removing the top. Check out their store location at 4505 14th Ave. in Brooklyn.