5 Reusable Lunch Containers for Back-to-School

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Reusable Lunch Containers for Back-to-School!

The back-to-school season is just around the corner! A new school year means a fresh start, and that applies to lunch containers too. Trying to reduce waste for the environment? Looking for something colorful? Searching for affordable products? Read more to explore 5 phenomenal reusable lunch containers that will allow you to achieve all of those goals.

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The best thing about Bentgo’s products is that they consist of many compartments, each made to store a certain part of your child’s meal. The largest compartment is the perfect size for a half sandwich or salad. Three mid-size compartments can hold fruit, veggies or crackers. The smallest compartment is ideal for dipping sauces. Bentgo boxes are also drop-proof, as they are coated with rubber. $24.99.


As an insulated bento box, Omiebox boasts its ability to keep both cold and hot food in the same box, at the same time. Its size is perfect for storing soups and sandwiches, or both! The product enhances independence for both you and your child, as it allows creativity and flexibility in the type of lunches you pack, and encourages adventure for the eating habits of your child. $39.50.

Ekobo Bento Box

The square-shaped Ekobo bento box brings you freedom; it comes with two compartments that you can remove and add as you please. It also includes a wrap-around silicone band to prevent opening at unwanted times, and boasts its durability. Another upside? The box is made of bamboo fibers, an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic. $24.

Lovina Bento Box

Sold in 8 different shapes and colors, the Lovina bento box is an affordable choice for those searching for durable and leak-proof lunch containers. It is made from BPA-free and food-safe materials, making the cold lunch experience a risk-free one for your child. The box consists of three compartments, and a fork and spoon. $16.99 – $19.99.


You can’t get more affordable than this. A top-rated choice on Amazon, these bento boxes are sold in sets of 4, each with lids of different colors. The box consists of a single tray, which saves you from longer time spent scrubbing each layer, which makes it ideal for daily or frequent use. The lid is sturdy and strong, which helps prevent leaks. $13.95.