The 5 Best Podcasts for Moms to Keep You Going

podcasts for moms

Podcasts are a resource that you can listen to at any time, which is gold for parents. Listen when you’re working or after the kids are asleep, and the night is yours. From listening to other mothers’ stories to soaking in the wisdom of experts — we are all in when it comes to listening to any of these five podcasts for moms.

Podcasts for Moms

Coffee + Crumbs

A hands down favorite amongst mothers, this podcast touches on all things motherhood. Finding your tribe is a big deal when you are pregnant, a new mom, or a seasoned mother, yet this isn’t always easy. The Coffee Crumbs Podcasts stories are honest, raw and uplifting. Most importantly, the listener will get that they are not alone, for we are all forging our way through this crazy journey of parenthood one story at a time.

The goop Podcast

Goop’s mission statement is, “we go first, so you don’t have to” and we love this. From celebrity, wellness, and relationship experts to chats with New York Times best-selling authors, Goop shares on subjects that range from the taboo (Why we Crave) to life-changing (Finding Joy Again). We appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into these podcasts.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Don’t let the title of this podcast fool you. Nora McInerny’s show produces straight-forward themes that aren’t all unicorns and rainbows but are subjects many of us can relate or learn from. Tackling subjects like how our childhood affects us in “What Happened to You?” and when change happens in “Former Life” dive deep into the hard stuff we go through in life. Terrible, Thanks for Asking is unique storytelling, and despite the title, this podcast is not only educational, but a positive listen.

Oprah SuperSoul Conversations Podcast

Oprah may not be running for president, and we’re (kinda) okay with that because her SuperSoul Conversations Podcast series is here to inspire. Chats with personalities like Amy Schumer and best-selling authors such as Cheryl Strayed feel like free therapy. Each episode encompasses that Oprah mojo we all need in our lives and help listeners to ask and hopefully tackle life’s biggest quandaries.

The New Normal

If you have ever eavesdropped on other mothers’ conversations, you are probably like us, moms who want to hear that other parents may be facing similar challenges. This is why we love Emma Clark Gratton and Tess McCabe’s podcast, The New Normal. Episodes center around a conversation with an invited parent to chat about work balance, kids as well as living our best life with kids and then some.

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