The Best Mom Support and Groups in New York City

Mom Support and Groups in New York City

Moms need a space to connect and be there for each other, especially in this busy city. If you are looking to connect with some amazing women in your area, browse through this list of the best places for mom support and groups in New York City.

Support and Groups for Women in New York!

The Camaraderie

Friendship-focused, The Camaraderie is a space for women just to be themselves and form long-term bonds with other women. The Camaraderie is all about having fun, creating a support system, and seeking personal happiness. Members get complimentary admission to monthly cocktail parties with wine, snacks, giveaways, guest speakers, live performances, and friends, discounts on workshops, classes, outings, activities, and experiences, priority sign-up for events, and surprise deliveries to their mailbox! Past events included salsa dance, indoor rowing workout, fall clothing swap, book club, and a financial planning workshop. If you’re looking to form more female friendships in the city, look no further than The Camaraderie. Membership $35 per month, $195 per 6 months, or $360 per year. No application required.

Mompreneurs at Edamama – Williamsburg
568 Union Ave., 718-388-3669

On the first Sunday of each month, head to Edamama to connect with fellow Mompreneurs! Edamama is a kid-friendly haircut salon that has much more than haircuts: toys, books, sweet treats, classes, and more. The owner of the salon has seen so many amazing entrepreneurial ideas from Brooklyn moms over the years, and she wanted to create a space where these amazing moms can come share their ideas together. Local moms are invited to sell their goods, connect with other mompreneurs, shop, and discuss. You can even showcase items if you call ahead of time! Open drop-in hours are 3-5 pm.


Known as the “TED talks of the parenting world,” Mindr is a bring your baby, toddler, and kids to their talks and summits where a parent can learn from a variety of topics. Past events include issues such as mothers losing 7% of their earning ability for every child; a baby meet up of 600 parents at the United Nations Headquarters on International Women’s Day for a discussion featuring Secretary-General Izumi Nakamitsu and male champions for women and parents in the workplace.

HER Global Network

Bringing together a diverse group of women in age, profession, experience, and background, HER Global Network is a community of genuine connection. HER Global Network believes in women learning from and supporting each other. Founders Aleksandra Avli and Sofia Kacim found their support systems amongst their girlfriends, but they did not feel this same support existed with women in the workplace, so they started HER in 2014. HER is now present in 14 cities around the world, and thankfully NYC is one of them! HER events spark interesting and uplifting conversations with founders, creators, and change-makers from across many industries. HER members invite-only, so you would either need to have a HER member refer you or you can refer yourself. There is currently a waitlist for HER NYC, so it might take longer than usual for you to receive your first invitation.   

Heymama Community

Heymama was founded by two moms Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin, who started this membership base community for career-driven mothers when they saw a void of networking communities for working mothers. With an online and offline platform Heymama offers support for where mothers are presently in their working journey. You’ll find resources, inspiration, and connect with other like-minded women that help support mothers as they navigate work or are looking to thrive in a new career path. Membership presently runs around $350 for the year which includes access to a  professional network, connect with others in your industry, network with working moms in your area, attend exclusive HeyMama events, exclusive discounts on products and services. Application required for membership.


We love OKREAL’s mission, which is to support women through building self-worth. OKREAL hosts workshops, online content and mentorship, and panels initiate change both in how women value themselves and how women are valued by the greater world. OKREAL offers mentor circles for women to connect, share ideas, build community, and work towards their goals. These circles cover a lot of ground, with topics ranging anywhere from business to self-development. OKREAL events include mentor circle masterclass workshops, #GirlsTalkReal conversations with amazing women like Tavi Gevinson and Cleo Wade, Sisterhood & Business panel, Single Motherhood panel, conversation with NikeWomen, and morning workouts with Adidas. If you have questions to ask the founder of OKREAL, submit your inquired to “Ask Amy,” and Amy will respond and post her answer on OKREAL. Past questions included, “Can I love my baby and my work?” and “I failed. Now what?”. You can read both the letter to Amy and Amy’s response. All you have to do to join OKREAL is sign up online. Events, mentorship circles, and workshops vary in cost.

Ladies Get Paid

Providing women with the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay and power in the workplace, Ladies Get Paid is an empowering group of 50,000 women worldwide. When you join, you’re invited to the private online network where thousands of women share advice, resources, and job opportunities. You’ll also get the Ladies Get Paid weekly newsletter with events, workshops, webinars, blog articles, job postings, and more. We’re big fans of the webinars, covering topics from Know Your Worth, Show Your Worth to Protect Your Energy, and Let Go of Perfectionism. The best part about these webinars is that you can watch wherever, making them super convenient to fit into your schedule. Not only will you have a digital, global network of women, but you’ll also meet the Ladies Get Paid NYC community at events, such as Ladies Get Coffee, a monthly meetup with caffeine, pastries, and amazing women. Membership is free, but various costs for other opportunities, including webinars. No application required, but there are a few questions about your profession and interest in Ladies Get Paid.

A.I.R. Gallery – Dumbo
155 Plymouth St., 1-212-255-6651

If you’re looking for a support group for women in the arts, then A.I.R. Gallery is for you. A permanent exhibition space that supports women artists, the gallery displays the artwork of hundreds of women artists every year. The gallery provides numerous opportunities for women interested in developing their artwork and career in the arts. The New York Artists Program works with chosen self-identified women artists to push their artwork with experimentation, provide resources and exhibition space, and allow artists to shape the gallery’s programming. The National Artists Program is for mid-career professional artists or emerging artists with exceptional talent. Women accepted into this program make up a network of support for each other and their artistic ventures. The Fellowship Program chooses 6 artists each year to develop and exhibit a project in the gallery. If you’re not ready to commit to a program, fellowship, or internship, A.I.R. Gallery also hosts lots of events, such as panel discussions, artist presentations, and performances, that bring women interested in all forms of art, from creative writing to visual art, together. We recommend The Unforgettables Reading/Working Group, which meets once a month to examine texts, artwork, and films and discuss historic feminism, queer manifestos, science fiction, new feminist fiction writings, and theory pieces. Each session is led by a different member of the group. A.I.R Gallery is free and open to the public. Application required for programs. 

Photo by Paulo Basseto

She Runs It – Midtown
1460 Broadway, 212-221-7969

Holding events in New York and Chicago, She Runs It has been invested in women’s achievement for over 100 years. Shifting their goals over time, She Runs It describes how, when they started, they wanted to give more women a seat at the table. Now, they state, they want to see more women at the head of the table. She Runs It specifically focuses on the marketing, media, and technology industries. Events include member meetings, panels and talks, dinners, brunches, workshops on leadership, and mentorship meetings. Members get access to networking, cutting-edge content, mentorship programs, education loan relief, career development, discounted events, and a supportive community of women. There are three membership options: Young Executive for women under age 30, Resident Member for women executives who are age 30 and over, and Executive Class for C-level executives and those on their way. Memberships start at $80 per year. No application required.      

New Women Space – East Williamsburg
188 Woodpoint Road, Brooklyn, NY 11211

At New Women Space, you both attend and run events. If you have an idea for an event, you can rent the space and work with the New Women Space team to design the structure of the event. Past events include movie nights, book club meetings, classes on styles of communication, photography workshops, and events geared specifically to women of color, queer, transgender, and nonconformity individuals. Pay as you go for the events. $25 per year to be a New Women Space supporter, in which you get discounted rates on space rental and discounts to partner events and businesses.

Not Safe For Mom Group

A group, unlike the usual mom meetups, nsfmg offers support and a stigma-free digital space with a community of mothers from all over the world. This is a safe space where you can express anything on motherhood.  Founder Alexis Barad-Cutler founded the group when a popular parenting website took down an essay she had written, deeming it “too controversial.” An excellent platform for mothers who wish to vent and read others stories from all walks of life as well as participate in sharing how they are feeling -like really, feeling via nsfmg popular Instagram Stories, which offers mothers to do anonymously if they choose.