Something To Flip For: The Best Gymnastics Programs In NYC


From hardcore parkour to space expansions and hybrid classes, we caught up with some of our favorite local gymnastics programs to see what has them excited about the year ahead.


What’s New: Kids’ Night Out
“Kids’ Night Out is a terrific new program that does two things at once—it gives kids a taste of parkour & ninja obstacles, gymnastics, sports, arts and crafts, and more in a social environment, and it frees parents up, too, so that they can enjoy a night out or quality time together.” -Katera Noviello, director of athletics

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

What’s New: Parkour
“Chelsea Piers is adding on to our already outstanding gymnastics program with new equipment for our ninja and parkour-themed classes! Students in our ‘Fitness, Stunts and Skills’ program now have even more obstacles to enjoy in our facility! Ninja and parkour training is becoming more mainstream and popular in the gymnastics world because it provides a total body workout and appeals to boys in particular who are interested in tumbling apparatus. The classes start off with the basics and progress based on each student’s skill, while still providing exciting, yet safe, obstacles to overcome.” -Josh Diorio, assistant director of gymnastics

Discovery Programs

What’s New: USAIGC Classes
“This year our gymnastics program is booming with both United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs (USAIGC) team and recreational classes. We have beginner through advanced recreational levels and many are selling out. Our USAIGC team is growing and we sent five students to Worlds over the summer. We still offer toddler gym, soccer, and sports, and have parkour for ages 3 through adult! It’s going to be an exciting year.” -Katie Kheel, director

Gymtime Rhythm & Glues

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What’s New: Top Level Gymnastics
“At Gymtime, we pride ourselves on our program’s ability to cater to children of all ages and developmental skill levels beginning at age 3. One new program we’re especially excited for is Top Level Gymnastics, created for experienced gymnasts who have previously trained at a competitive level but are no longer able to maintain the hourly commitment. It is a 90-minute lesson for girls who are accustomed to training at the highest possible level.” -Samantha Katorkas, director of the Gymtime gymnastics team and Chris Vollaro, director of sports and gymnastics programs

Jodi’s Gym. Photo by Sophie Mathewson

Jodi’s Gym

What’s New: A Big Birthday Celebration
“Jodi’s Gym is celebrating its 35th birthday…but you get all the presents! With 35 days of ongoing events, we have something for everyone, including promotions, events, contests, discounts for legacy babies (former Jodi’s Gym students who are now bringing their own kids to Jodi’s Gym!).” -Keri Patterson, general manager

NYC Elite

What’s New: Expanded Play Spaces
“NYC Elite Gymnastics on the Upper East Side has a newly completed 6,000-square-ft expansion. This new gym area and lobby will be used for birthday parties, recreational classes, and competitive team workouts. We are very excited and proud of this addition to our 91st Street location.” -Drew Moore, director of operations


What’s New: Dance/Gymnastics Hybrid Classes
“We realized that while the children love to tumble, the focus of dance and correct form was getting lost. Kids are trying to do all the difficult skills without any form or posture. Therefore, we have a dance for gymnastics class which focuses on turns, leaps, jumps, and flexibility. All crucial skills which make the routines on the floor and beam become more graceful and harder than just tumbling skills. We also have included two children’s classes called Circus Arts which incorporates aerial silks, trapeze, balance, and juggling.” -Nikki Loayza, physical director of Sokol New York

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