Best Bottles

Shopping for baby bottles gets stressful fast. There are so many brands and types of bottles to choose from that sorting through the pile can be more than a parent can take. Lucky for you, we’ve picked our favorite baby bottles that you and your baby will love. And all of the bottles listed below are BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals getting into your little one’s system. All they’ll be getting is milk!


AVENT Natural Bottle
AVENT bottles have always been great at reducing colic and fussing. Their newest bottle has a petal design on the nipple created for a natural, similar-to-breast latch. It helps make breast and bottle feeding easier so there’s no confusion. It’s easy to hold and has a dual valve system to keep air from going into your baby’s tummy. The wide neck and minimal parts make cleaning a breeze, which is super important during those 3am feedings.

5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle
Many moms would prefer to use glass bottles but hesitate out of fear of breaking them. Fear no more! 5 Phases has created a brilliant bottle that combines the health and safety of glass with the comfort of a plastic bottle. They placed a removable glass insert within a plastic sleeve to protect the baby (and your environment) from shattered glass. If glass does break, it’s contained within the plastic sleeve so clean up is a breeze.

Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Bottle 
All of Dr. Brown’s bottles are great; the patented internal vent system reduces colic and preserves essential vitamins by keeping air from mixing with the milk. The wide-neck bottle is great for transitioning babies because the size and shape resembles breastfeeding and helps avoid nipple confusion. They also have silicone nipples for preemies that are a huge help for moms with early bundles of joy.

Evenflo Cozy Glass Bottle With Sleeve
Glass bottles are a safe alternative to plastic, but the sleeves they go in often make holding and measuring difficult. Evenflo’s slip-resistant sleeves fix the problem–it has raised finger holds for a comfortable grip, and the sleeve crosses over the neck so ounce markings are visible. Bonus: they’re inexpensive and work with most standard nipples.

The First Years Breastflow Bottle
The patented 2-in-1 nipple allows your baby to control the milk flow. The inner nipple allows your baby to control the flow, and the outer mimics the feel of the breast and allows the tongue to stay in the same position as it is when breastfeeding. The cap attaches to bottom of the bottle to prevent it from getting lost, and the bottle has a vent system to help prevent colic.

Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser
Generations of moms have trusted Playtex for bottles–and you should too. Their drop-in system mimics breastfeeding, reduces colic (liners collapse as baby feeds so less air is taken in), and increases milk consumption. All of that, plus the liners are pre-sterilized so you can say “bye-bye” to boiling.

Similac SimplyStart Bottle
This bottle was designed with moms in mind. It has a ton of mom-friendly features. The SmartClose feature will ensure that you never half-close a bottle and throw it in your bag again; a blue shield appears when the bottle is properly closed. The EasyMix feature helps mix formula and water to reduce bubbles and clumps. There’s even a powder cap that holds formula for easy, on-the-go mixing (sold separately).

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle
The venting valves in the bottom of the bottles that allow for maximum airflow without leakage and the ultra-soft silicone nipple are features that make the MAM a great pick. But the self-sterilizing feature is really what makes this bottle fantastic–three simple steps and three minutes in the microwave, and the bottle is good to go.

Pura Kiki Bottle
Stainless steel bottles have long been the choice of environmentally conscious families, and the Pura Kiki bottles are a great sustainable choice for your baby. Internal measurement markings make filling the bottle a breeze, and they’re compatible with other brand’s nipples–including Dr. Brown’s, ThinkBaby, Avent, and MAM. The bottles also transition to sippy cups with the simple switch of the top, saving you money when it comes time to make the change. Plus you can get cute silicone sleeves for the bottle for a fun, bright look.

Adiri NxGen Nurser
This bottle doesn’t look like many others on the market–it’s designed to look and feel like a breast to make transitioning to a bottle easier. The Adiri Nurser has a special bottom vent system to help reduce colic, and it comes apart into three easy to clean pieces. There are specific bottles for whatever milk-flow stage your baby is at, so make sure to pick the right one. They are a bit pricey, but the transitioning help it provides makes it worthwhile for many moms.

BARE Bottle
The idea behind BARE, “Your breasts don’t have air vents, so why should bottles?” led them to develop the only air-free baby bottle. The bottle has a built in air-plug that expels all air after filling it. The feeding experience mimics breastfeeding–nipples extend and retract during feeding to reduce air intake and increase similarity to breastfeeding. It also dispenses milk in an upright position, meaning your child can self-feed in whatever position they would like.

Born Free Disney Bottle
Born Free were the pioneers in making chemical-free products and baby-controlled milk flow. All their products are dishwasher safe and have an internal vent system to reduce colic, so any bottle of theirs is a good choice. But we love the Minnie Mouse and Lion King designed bottles–they are sure to catch your baby’s attention.


Bye-Bye BPA!

Good news! BPA, or bisphenol-A, will no longer be used in manufacturing baby bottles or sippy cups, thanks to a Food and Drug Administration decision in late July. Most bottle and sippy cup manufactures have voluntarily stopped using BPA, but come this October you can be sure that nothing on the market will contain the chemical that some researchers link to behavioral problems and nervous and reproductive system development issues. However, BPA still exists in many canned goods and other beverage and food packaging. Keep an eye out for a number 7 on the bottom of plastic items; those generally contain BPA. The FDA approves that use, as they have stated they cannot apply findings from animal testing to humans. Between the new rule and a pledge from many companies to phase out BPA, parents will now easily be able to find other BPA-free products for their family.