Holiday Toy Gift Guide for Babies in 2020

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Holiday Toy Gift Guide: Baby 2020

The holidays are here, and while COVID is still part of our everyday lives, so are toys, and if there was ever a time for some playtime, it is this year. Are toys still ‘happening’ for 2020? We chatted with Marissa DiBartolo, Editor in Chief, The Toy Insider who shared that “According to the NPD group, the toy industry is up 16 percent year over year — the toy industry is benefiting from everything that is going on related to COVID19; when you take away family vacations, trips to the zoo, and all kinds of things like that, you’re left with a little more budget to bring some fun into the home. Toys and are a great way to bring everyone together.”

This year has taught us much; even with my kids who are at an age where toys and gadgets are big, they have learned to appreciate and cherish what they have and not so much what they want. Marissa DiBartolo of The toy Insider concurs, “We also recognize that millions of people are out of work right now, so one of the things we are seeing is that toys are priced lower than they have been in recent years; key price points like under $12 and $19.99 are making a big splash this year. 

For gift-giving in general, we are also appreciating the app Keep It Delightful — especially this holiday season where we will not be with extended family and already have the grandparents and aunties asking for what the kids want. Keep It Delightful is a platform where parents can safely disseminate information about their children, such as clothing sizes and current interests, to invited friends and family.

Let’s, first start off with toys for babies, here are our favs!

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