New Beginning Tumbling Classes to Begin in February at Steffi Nossen School of Dance

The Steffi Nossen School of Dance in White Plains is slated to offer its new Beginning Tumbling classes during its spring semester from Feb. 7 to May 23. Held on Thursdays from 4pm-5pm, these classes are designed for kids in kindergarten through grade 2 that can’t help but jump, flip, and spin with energy. 

Through introductory tumbling, such as somersaulting, cartwheeling, and backbends, kids will develop the strength and coordination necessary to eventually transition into the school’s modern dance program.

“We designed the program for the creative and athletic kid who loves to move,” says School Director Kristina Todd Nelson. “It’s a fun, fun class, it’s energetic and it gives them focus and teaches them how to focus, which is something that can be hard for them.”

Beginning Tumbling aims to start at, of course, the beginning. A precursor to the school’s modern dance program, the class will help young dancers feel comfortable with being upside down, sliding on the floor and performing other movements incorporated into typical modern dance choreography. Instructor Tami Mele, an SNSD veteran faculty of over 25 years, will lead the program. She and her team of assistants will provide safe instruction to a small class of about 10 students.

Founded by modern dance champion and entrepreneur Steffi Nossen in 1937, SNSD offers a robust curriculum for dancers of all ages and abilities. Classes in ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip-hop and tap are bolstered through numerous performance opportunities that provide each student with a holistic dance experience. In following the Steffi Nossen Method, the school emphasizes dance instruction through evolving patterns rather than repetitive movements: as the students progress, so do the patterns. Through various age-appropriate programs, from Young Tots to Performance Groups, SNSD provides training that meets everyone’s level.

Parents interested in enrolling their children in Beginning Tumbling may do so until the end of February. You can take a trial class for $25.

Steffi Nossen School of Dance is located at The Music Conservatory of Westchester in 216 Central Ave, White Plains. For more information, please visit the Steffi Nossen website or call 914-328-1900.