Art of Mandarin Offers Personalized Tutoring For Kids

Art of Mandarin is a new tutoring agency that specializes in Mandarin Chinese, located in the New York metro area.

The business opened this summer with nine local tutors with varying experience, which offer one-on-one tutoring at a location of the student’s choosing, such as their home or at a café.

“We try to make the approach to a difficult language more comfortable, holistic and productive,” Owner Grady Granos said.

Art of Mandarin follows the philosophy that face to face teaching is best when learning a foreign language, allowing students to meet with tutors, in between sessions, if there are any issues.

The program prides itself on guiding students after their initial sign up. The Art of Mandarin tutoring program provides focus from tutoring agents helping students reach their goals by monitoring and offering guidance.

Art of Mandarin also offers various teaching packages and online sessions.

With the help of the Art of Mandarin, students will have a quality learning experience with tutors that will facilitate and make them enjoy the long-term learning of the language.

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