Reeling from the Nashville Shooting? Here are Anti-gun Violence Organizations and Ways to Advocate

Reeling from the Nashville Shooting? Here are Anti-gun Violence Organizations and Ways to Advocate
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Reeling from the Nashville Shooting? Here are Anti-gun Violence Organizations and Ways to Advocate

We are tired. We are tired of guns killing people. The most recent school shooting, the nineteenth so far for 2023- was yesterday at the Nashville Covenant School shooting where 6 people, three were just age nine when they were killed by a former student.

And move your politics aside. If you are a responsible human with a gun, we are not here to discuss the second amendment, a law that was passed in 1791; we are here to share that presently we know there is nothing more shattering for a parent to know that another parent is experiencing a tremendous loss. 

And many of us have seen the video of Ashbey Beasley, who survived the Fourth of July mass shooting at an annual parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Beasley was in Nashville visiting her sister-in-law and has advocated for gun reform in Washington, DC for months. This mom shared, “Only in America does this happen, where we keep seeing it again, and again, and again … This is an epidemic. Gun violence is an epidemic. And it needs to be resolved; it needs to be addressed.”

It is frustrating and heartbreaking. But we can make noise and support organizations that fight for gun reform and safety. Here are several anti-gun violence organizations you can support. Whether you volunteer, raise awareness or make a donation, you can take action that will help save lives.

Write a letter to your elected officials in Congress or state legislators. It is easy by texting RESIST to 50409. All it takes is a few minutes to send a letter where you can be firm on the change you like to see. Remember these officials work for you.

Brady United: Brady United has several programs in place to help stop gun violence. These include: Combating Crime Guns, stemming the flow of guns into urban communities most impacted by gun homicide; End Family Fire, which focuses on education and dialogue around the role of safe firearm storage to prevent “family fire,” a shooting caused by someone having access to a gun from the home when they shouldn’t have it; Team Enough, Brady’s youth-led initiative that educates and mobilizes young people in the intersectional fight against gun violence; and Brady’s Legal Alliance, a national program to challenge the gun lobby in court. 

Giffords: Led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, this organization is dedicated to saving lives from gun violence. It includes a law center that writes, enacts and defends the laws, policies and programs proven to reduce gun violence. Making a monetary donation is the primary way to support this organization, but the website is packed with information to keep you informed about the cause. 

Sandy Hook Promise: This national nonprofit was founded by the families of loved ones who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT, in 2012. There are several ways you can lend your support. You can raise awareness on social media (there’s a helpful action kit on the website you can use), become a gun violence prevention volunteer in your community or make a donation. 

Wear Orange: Wear Orange is observed every June. This year, it will take place June 2-4. Thousands of people wear the color orange to honor the more than 40,000 people killed with guns and approximately 85,000 who are shot and wounded every year. There are many ways to participate to help call an end to gun violence. You can attend an event, request an orange graduation honor card, share on social media and much more. Learn more on the website. 

In addition to these organizations, you can follow several Instagram pages to stay informed on the anti-gun violence mission. Here are some pages to check out:

Everytown for Gun Safety: A movement of parents, students, survivors, educators, gun owners and concerned citizens on a mission to end gun violence. 

Still We Rise: An organization that supports several social justice causes.

Chamber of Mothers: In addition to getting news about the fight against gun violence, Chamber of Mothers works to advance maternal rights, including paid leave and affordable childcare. 

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