Amazing 25% Discount on Mission to Mars’ STEM Summer Camp

As parents, we’re always looking for cool summer camps that will not only entertain our kiddos and fill their days, but also stimulate and educate them, so they come home with their eyes shining, full of tales of their adventures and experiences. If you have kids aged between 8-11 and can get to the Union Square area this August, then we’ve got the ultimate camp solution for you that’s sure to excite and inspire your tweens: Mission to Mars’ STEM Summer Camp. Read on to find out more, and to claim your exclusive New York Family discount!

Mission to Mars is a weeklong half-day immersive storytelling adventure packed with role-playing games, escape rooms, theater and a dash of tasty treats. Your little ones will be part of an elite crew embarking on a daring mission to the Red Planet, working as part of a team to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries while learning the basics of Coding, Machine Learning, Environmental Science and Engineering, as well as honing their skills as Ethical Innovators.

How is it possible to combine serious learning with a whole lot of fun? Well, Mission to Mars’ program is based on “Adventure-Based Learning”; an approach that engages the imagination, curiosity, and intellect of kids as they transform into science and technology superheroes.

A highlight of the program is a tabletop Mars Rover Mission Control game, which was designed in conjunction with Dr. Sam Pfister, who served on the Surface Operations team for NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission. Other planned activities include color-changing UV-detection wearables, AI weather prediction tools, and a variety of themed “snacktivities” such as 3D-Printed (and edible!) Squad Badge Cookies that commemorate each participant’s contributions to the mission. Kids will also receive highly personalised instruction, with a ratio of one staff member to every six children.

Mission to Mars was designed by a team of STEM (in case you’re scratching your head that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics!) and Education experts, and is brought to you by Sue’s Tech Kitchen, founded by Randi Zuckerberg as part of Zuckerberg Media. Randi is the Former Head of Market Development at Facebook, before she left to follow her dream of preparing kids for the tech revolutions their teachers can’t even see coming.

All the Details
Where: Sue’s Tech Kitchen at Alchemical Studios, 104 West 14th Street in New York, NY
When: Four sessions are currently open for enrollment:

  • August 5-9: 9am – 12pm
  • August 5-9: 1pm – 4pm
  • August 12-16: 9am – 12pm
  • August 12-16: 1pm – 4pm

Age-Range: Ages 8-11
Cost: Tuition is $750 per student (before New York Family discount!)

What Parents are Saying About Sue’s Tech Kitchen
“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful morning at the event! My kids had so much fun!”

“Thanks for a fun experience! Candy dropping drones a big hit!”

“We had so much fun we came twice and brought friends with us. Y’all taught my kids a lot and really fostered a love of science in my girls (my son already loved it!).”

New York Family Discount
For more information and to register, go to Use NYFAMILYMARS for a 25% discount; expires June 30.

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