The Academy of Thought and Industry Opens in East Village

The Academy of Thought and Industry opened in the East Village on Sept. 3. The school is operating as a middle school, serving sixth graders through eighth graders, with plans to open a high school program next year for seventh grade-10th grade, according to Aramis Grant, assistant head of ATI. 

The ATI program  is structured on the philosophy of integrating experiential and intellectual learning through opportunities for real creativity and work. Each ATI student receives a coach or a staff member who works one-on-one with the student throughout their ATI experience and discusses progress or challenges in the student’s learning.

David Hyman, head of the new Academy of Thought and Industry who has been teaching for twenty years, says that ATI’s parent company is Higher Ground Education, a company dedicated to mainstreaming and modernizing Montessori education.

“What makes our school special is our belief that every student can and should be empowered to achieve their best and to be independent thinkers and learners,” Hyman said. “Curiosity is something to be harnessed and brought to bear on what it is you’re trying to learn. I don’t believe that we have a pre-prescribed track. Each student has a path that they journey out on, and it’s our job to help them discover and deepen their path.”

The school is actively recruiting for high schoolers for next year, according to Grant. 

Main image courtesy Academy of Thought and Industry