8 Fun Facts To Help Celebrate National Crayon Day


March 31 marks National Crayon Day! We’ve all been using crayons as our primary artistic tool since we were toddlers and they still prove to be a trusted source for color and fun in a child’s life. In celebration of this spectacular day, we have a few fun facts that you may have never known about crayons from our friends at Crayola!

Fun Fact #1: Crayons have been around for 115 years! The Crayola brand was born in 1903 with its eight-count box that was sold for only a nickel.

Fun Fact #2: There are 120 Crayola colors and the most popular color is blue.

Fun Fact #3: Each crayon has three languages on them and they are English, Spanish, and French.

Fun Fact #4: There have been 237 BILLION Crayola crayons produced to date. That’s right, billion!!

Fun Fact #5: The most popular crayon box is the 24-count box.

Fun Fact #6: Crayola crayons are among the top 20 most recognizable scents along with peanut butter and coffee!

Fun Fact #7: Crayola produces 3 BILLION crayons a year.

Fun Fact #8: The largest Crayola crayon is 15.6 feet in length and weighs 1,352 pounds!