8 Easy Earth Day Crafts for Kids

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8 Easy Earth Day Crafts for Kids

There are many ways that kids can celebrate Earth Day and show their appreciation for our beautiful planet. If you don’t have the time to attend any Earth Day events and activities, you can always spend some time making easy earth day crafts with your kids! Grab some supplies you have lying around the house or some recyclables that you could refurbish and spend some time crafting.

Tin Can Planters

If you are a family that constantly is getting rid of cans that once stored non perishables, take some out of your bin and try to make some tin can planters! To start off, add a couple holes on the bottom of the can and then allow your kids to decorate the can however they would like with different faces and designs. Then grab some seeds and soil at the store and start watching your plants grow!

Holding Earth Art Project

This craft is perfect for younger kids and starts to teach them how important it is to love our planet! You only need to pick up a few supplies and the great thing about this craft is that each kid can personalize their own. It’s also a great artwork to keep for parents because you’ll have the outlines of your little ones hands forever!

Paper Plate Earth Craft

Bring the Earth to life with this easy Earth Day craft! Grab a paper plate, cardstock and some paint and make an Earth with arms and legs! This is a cute project that is perfect for kids in preschool and up.

Earth Day Slime

Slime is always a fun art project to make with the kids and now you can make one to celebrate Earth Day! Grab all of the necessary products you would use with regular slime and just add some blue and green glitter to make it look like the earth.

Egg Carton Tree

Do you have some egg cartons lying around? Instead of recycling them, use them in your next art project! Trim each carton individually, paint it green and glue it onto paper to make a beautiful 3D drawing of a tree.

Earth Day Puffy Paint Craft 

Puffy Paint is a popular tool to use while your little ones are creating their artwork and this year they can make it into their own version of the Earth. 

Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs are great for those of you who are just starting to devlop your green thumb. The seeds of your choice will be mixed in with paper and will be shaped into balls. Keep the bombs out to dry and then all you have to do is throw one into the soil, continue to water it and let the bomb work its magic!

Bubble Paint Hydrangea Flowers

When many people think of Earth Day, they think of the many beautiful flowers that bloom in the Spring! These easy bubble paint hydrangea flowers are a great craft to recreate some of the beauty you see outside while also adding a little color in your home. All you need is some paint, dish soap and a canvas and you can let your kids’ imagination take control!