8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

Video games are a huge part of many children’s lives in this day and age. While some parents may feel skeptical about letting their kids play video games, there are a whole host of benefits that can come from gaming.

Playing video games can lead to improved problem solving and logic, greater multitasking ability and increased hand-eye coordination, among other benefits. Video games can be a great way for kids to learn about different topics in a fun way. 

Here are some of the best video games for children of all ages that will help them learn while still having fun!

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8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

Big Brain Academy 

Where to play: Nintendo Switch
Ages: 6 and up

Test your memory, logic, math and analytical skills with this fun game!

You will go through a series of mini games filled with puzzles and questions that need to be completed in under a minute in order to calculate and measure the “mass” and “age” of the brain. Gather your kids and their friends to have a fun time testing their skills!

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

Zoo Tycoon 

Where to play: Xbox, Nintendo DS, PC or Macintosh
Ages: 8 and up

In Zoo Tycoon, the players get to build and operate their own zoos with a personal collection of animals. While building their zoo, players will also learn about different animal species.

This game is very entertaining and educational, as children use their creativity to organize and build and get to learn interesting facts about animals. 

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages


Where to play: Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC
Ages: 8 and up

This 3D sandbox game is one of the most popular games for players of all ages. It lets its users build their own colorful and creative universe any way they like using 3D blocks.

This popular game is a great way for kids to develop their problem solving, programming skills and their creativity as they think of ways to efficiently create whatever they want in the Minecraft universe.

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

Letter Quest Grimm’s Journey 

Where to play: Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC
Ages: 9 and up

Learn new words while defeating monsters! Grim reapers Grimm and Rose need to fight all types of enemies, like  monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies, by spelling words. Longer words are more effective in fighting enemies.

But they need to be careful: the monsters will fight back by changing the letters needed to create a word and turning them into attacks. Letter Quest will help children expand their vocabularies while also fostering their problem-solving skills.

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

National Geographic Challenge

Where to play: Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360
Ages: 10 and up

Explore the planet through its history and geography and witness the extraordinary extent of mankind’s achievements. This enriching game offers five different play modes as well as unique puzzles and mini games.

No matter how you choose to play, you’ll see breath-taking high resolution images and high definition videos from National Geographic’s archives and learn interesting and important facts of the world. 

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Where to play: Nintendo Switch
Ages: 10 and up

Animal Crossing transports players to a small rural village filled with animals where they get to grow their own crops, go fishing and bug-catching and collect items for their farm.

The game plays out in real time: if time passes it reflects on the animals that need feeding or plants that need to be tended to. The weather also changes throughout the year.

While building their village, players gain insight on managing their money and inventory, investing and more to keep their village up and running! It’s a fun game for all ages.

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages

Car Mechanics Simulator

Where to play: PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC
Ages: 12 and up

This one is for the car lovers! Learn more about vehicles and their components such as the engine, chassis, suspension and more in this interactive game. The players get to visit shops and showrooms selling cars that are ready to be repaired with a variety of tools.

As the player works on more cars, their shops get bigger and they get to complete more complex repairs, review the car’s brakes and suspension in a test track, customize the vehicle in a paintshop and even work on classic cars. 

8 Best Video Games for Kids of All Ages


Where to play: PC and Macintosh
Ages: 15 and up

Democracy is a great way for children to get insight into how world politics work. Play as a president or prime minister of a democratic government and address policy in seven different areas: tax, economy, welfare, foreign policy, transport, law and order and public services.

Just like in real politics, the player’s actions will affect the population and may cause problems like homelessness or protests. Players will have to use problem solving and analytical skills to make the best decision for the population.

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