7 Best Scheduling Apps to Keep Families Organized

The Best Scheduling Apps to Keep Families Organized
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Best Scheduling Apps to Keep Families Organized

All parents know that as your kids get older, their lives start to be consumed by more activities such as school, work, sports and clubs. Yes, it can sound overwhelming but luckily there are ways to keep your family more organized, which is especially important as the school year gets closer. 

Scheduling apps are easy to use and allow the whole family to be in the loop when it comes to each other’s schedules! Here are some of our top picks for scheduling apps that will keep your family organized. 

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With the free Cozi app, not only will you be able to stay in the loop with schedules, but so will everyone else in the family.

Cozi uses a color-coding feature where each member of the family has a designated color that will show up next their designated events. The scheduling app also gives you the option to start menu plans and to-do lists that your family can edit.


Have your family’s schedules all on one calendar when you use the TimeTree app! When it comes time for your family to plan a trip or a fun day to spend together, it will be easier to check TimeTree than having to tackle the sometimes impossible task of getting everyone in the same room.


If you are a fan of organizing, then this app is the one for you! Any.do is user friendly and gives you the option to organize your events and lists into categories.

You are also able to organize your itinerary even further by writing notes and putting deadlines on tasks so every family member can stay in the loop!


Instead of having to take the time to combine everyone’s calendars into one, FamilyWall will let you sync your schedules in minutes.

The app also wants to make sure you feel safe when using it, which is why there is security and privacy for all the information you share with other members of your family. Take it one step further and turn on the locator option which will let you check on a family member’s location!


Aside from scheduling events and activities for the family, you also need to keep track of the tasks that everyone is doing around the house. OurHome allows parents to assign different tasks to each kid.

Once you designate jobs for everyone you can set due dates, create repeating schedules, add reminders or apply late penalties to make sure your kids are staying on the right track!


Keep your family organized by using Flayk! This scheduling app is a fan favorite and is an easy way to keep your family in the loop with what everyone is doing. Something that makes Flayk unique is that you can pass tasks and events onto other people.

Things can come up day to day, which means you might not be able to take the dog on a walk, or grab your kids from soccer practice. With Flayk, you can send out a notification to each family member and you will be notified when someone accepts the task.

Google Calendar

Add another Google app to your phone! The Google Calendar app brings you your family’s schedule with a view. When anyone adds an event to the calendar, you are able to add a photo or a location.

This app is even more beneficial to families who have Gmail accounts because events that are emailed to you will be added straight to the calendar so your family can stay informed.