5 Charities That Support New York Families: How to Donate & Support, Receive Help

5 Charities That Support New York Families: How to Donate & Support, Receive Help
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5 Charities That Support New York Families: How to Donate & Support, Receive Help

Last year at the height of the pandemic, New Yorkers needed help in record numbers. The reality is that there are New Yorkers, especially families who need help year-round; thankfully, there are amazing non-profits whose sole purpose is to help these families.  Whether you are looking for a charity to donate money, give essential items to, or are yourself in need of support from one of these charities, we have five worth knowing.

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A Charity that offers help for the early years: NYC Mammas Give Back

When a NYC mother spotted a homeless pregnant woman on the streets, she reached out to other mothers for support. This call for assistance – was met with an outpouring of help. Soon relief was needed to store and itemize the donations that continued to come in as more moms continued to donate, and NYC Mammas Give Back was founded.

Working as a non-profit organization, this charity provides pregnancy, postpartum, infant, and early childhood essentials to agencies and shelters in the NYC area. These agencies provide resources specifically to pregnant women, families, and children (ages 0–5) experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Donate: Donations of cash are needed for NYC Mammas Giveback or send through Amazon.

Helping moms mentally and financially: Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership

Co-founders Susan Orkin, an MSW & Christine Wasserstein, a psychotherapist, became familiar with NYC NFP (NYC Nurse-Family Partnership )through their philanthropy work. The NYC Nurse-Family Partnership program is run by the Dept of Health and Mental Health in NYC. It is open to anyone 28 weeks pregnant or less with their first baby that meets income requirements (Medicaid- or WIC-eligible). How it works is the program pairs first-time mothers with nurses that give them much-needed support. In their charitable work- Susan and Chris learned specific programs dramatically improved a mom’s chances to thrive, and NYC NFP had no mechanism to raise funds.

They both believed NFP was the most incredible tool to fight poverty and help children succeed and founded Friends of NYC NFP ‘Friends.’ Through the Heart’s Desire Fund (HDF), mothers can pursue post-secondary education. Friends reviews essays from mothers and letters of recommendation from nurses. They then channel money that pays tuition and additional resources such as Metro Cards, laptops, books, and short-term child care. Friends also run the LEAP program, a small group program that provides workshops and mommy and baby support to NFP moms. Lastly, Friends supports nurse professional development. While NFP pays for certain courses for nurses, Friends of NYC NFP has funded nurses to expand their professional development to the benefit of the moms, so they are up to date on the most current topics surrounding maternal and child health. 

Donate: here

Volunteer: other ways to give through volunteering, offering of time or skills

A Non-profit that supports single moms: Moms for Moms

Danielle Krupa founded this non-profit that started as a pay it forward along with a group of moms who wanted to support single moms and their newborn babies- by providing them with the essentials all new families deserve. The organization sends care packages throughout New York City to single moms in need. The packages are filled with the essentials a new mother needs after childbirth, such as diapers, wipes, infant clothing, baby bottles, blankets, feminine care products, hygiene items, and more. While the moms are single, some are often going through a hardship such as abuse, homelessness. The packages are distributed through Moms for Moms via agencies they partner with, such as the NYC Department of Homelessness and Covenant House of New York, and donated via shelters and programs throughout the city. 

Donate: Learn how to donate money or how to send needed items

Helping families out with the most essential items: Little Essentials

Founded in 2011 by mother Sandie Trombert, she noticed local parents in need and knew many parents who wanted to help were looking for ways to help. Working with 31 community partners and 13 emergency partners, Little Essentias helps low-income families throughout New York City. The agency accepts gently used and new donations such as Diapers, current season clothing up to 5 years, babycare essentials such as wipes, diaper cream, baby body wash (unopened). They also accept gear such as Pack’ n plays bassinets, car seats – infant, toddler, boosters, baby carriers and slings, strollers (no jogging strollers), and more. 

Donate: Learn to donate here as well as items that can be given to the organization

 Support for families with essential items and development: Room to Grow

Parents know that support at the tail end of pregnancy and as new parents are everything. But many, due to not having money and not having a solid support system, do not receive this support. Room to Grow is a three-year program that provides critical support to families by providing parents with essential baby and toddler items. The charity also goes beyond this with assistance to the parent to help their children’s development and connections to community resources that give them a much-needed support network. 

Donate: $$ or baby/toddler essentials 

Volunteer: by hosting a collection drive or set up a dropbox