Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

Melissa Rauch

“Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch gets personal and emotional telling the world that she is pregnant again and how her first miscarriage affected it all. While talking to Glamour, she says she was absolutely terrified with this new pregnancy but is super overjoyed no matter what. (CNN)

Planning for some fun in the sun? These outdoor activity tips are a must! (Mommy Nearest)

A Florida family gets whisked away into the ocean on a sunny afternoon in Panama Beach due to a tremendous rip current that resulted them being rescued by a human chain. Thankfully no one was critically hurt! (Washington Post)

Check out this LEGO-loving dad makes the best memes on the trials and tribulations of being a parent. Parents are loving this insta-famous account and raving about how accurate it really is! (Huffington Post)

Nickelodeon star from the TV show iCarly Nathan Kress is expecting his first child! He and his wife London announced it in the most creative way using play-on words with her name! How cute, congrats to the Kress family! (People)

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Break out those black paint cans and superhero capes as BuzzFeed teaches parents 19 incredible ways to make crafty room décor for your inner hero. Evil villains have nothing on that dresser you’re about to paint! (BuzzFeed)

There is new research tying in with children obesity and expecting mothers who drink soda! The study says that the amount of intake of soda they drink affects the child’s body fat by 7-years-old. I guess we can stick with water for some time! (Reuters)

Let’s make your Monday slightly better with this funny compilation of tweets that prove parenting has its perks. These mom and dads shine a light on just how sassy their little ones can be. Number three had us floored! (The Hollywood Gossip)