11 Best Dishes and Utensils for Babies

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11 Best Dishes and Utensils for Babies

As the days go by, babies and toddlers begin to develop independence and are itching to get their hands on solid foods. Although it may be easy to simply hand a toddler a spoon to feed themselves with, it is not easy to get them to use it properly and get the food in their mouths rather than all over the house. Here are some of the best dishes and utensils for babies that will make feeding easy for you and fun for your baby!

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Itzy Ritzy® Sweetie Spoons 2-Pack Braided Toddler Utensils

6 months and up

Itzy Ritzy’s Sweetie Spoons 2 Pack Braided Toddler Utensils set comes with a spoon and a fork. This set has great features like a loop for the handle allowing for easy pick-up, silicone soft spoon making it gentle for the teeth and gums, and dishwasher safe. This set will make eating enjoyable and easy for both the child and the parent.$9.99

NumNum™ Pre-Spoon GOOtensils Dual-Stage Utensil Set

6 t0 18 months.

This popular utensil set is used for the beginning process of helping babies start self-feeding. This set has some unique features to assist your baby such as a flat head design insuring no wrong way to hold, no scooping or balance, soft texture for gums, and dishwasher safe. The GOOtensils  are designed with features for “dip and eat” to get the baby use to self-feeding before using more sophisticated utensils. $12.99

Boon PULP™ 2-Pack Silicone Feeders 

6 months and up

Boon PULP 2 Pack Silicone Feeders are perfect to give little ones that when they are first being introduced to solids. For babies who haven’t mastered chewing yet, these feeders allow you to put pieces of food into the silicone cover and have the baby self-feed through the small holes. This set is an easy and less messy way of feeding babies and allows them to explore new fruits and vegetables in a different way. $10.99

Ginbear Silicone Baby Feeding Set

6 months to 5 years

Ginbear Silicone Baby Feeding Set offers a perfect selection of  baby bowls with suction, a silicone baby bib, and a baby-led weaning spoon. The suction helps reduce mess and throwing of the bowl, the bib includes a curve at the bottom to catch any food that didn’t make it to its original destination and the silicone spoon for gentle feeding. To top it all off, this set is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe! $16.99

Perfect Baby First Stage Feeding Set by MICHEF

4 months and up

Perfect Baby First Stage Feeding Set has everything you would need to start introducing different foods to your kids. The set comes with 2 baby food feeders with 3 different size replacement silicone sacs, a masher, a baby bowl, and 4 soft-tip silicone spoons. MICHEF is also focused on keeping your baby safe, which is why their product is BPA, latex, phthalates and lead free. $19.99.

Boon SQUIRT Silicone Food Dispensing Spoon

4 months and up

If you are a parent that is constantly on the go, then this dispensing spoon is for you! The Boon SQUIRT Silicone Food Dispensing Spoon takes baby food and packs it into one utensil for simple one-hand feeding. This spoon holds up to 3oz of food at once, releases baby food one bite at a time. It also comes with a cap so you can store the extra food away once the baby is done. $7.99

Stick & Stay Divided Plate

6 months and up

One problem that parents constantly have is that their baby or toddler tend to move their plate around while they eat, making meal time a mess! Luckily the Stick & Stay Divided Plate is made with a secure base that will stick to any surface so their food can stay in one place. The plate is also made with 4 sections so you easily portion out your little ones food or sauces. $10.99.

LILY PAD + LITTLE MR Children’s Dinnerware Set

18 months and up

Make eating a little more fun for the kiddos with the LILY PAD + LITTLE MR Children’s Dinnerware set! You will be able to pick from three characters (Little Ellie, Little Dinosaur, Little Hedgy) and each set comes with 1 divided plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup, and a spoon and fork. All of the sets are light-weight, shatterproof and dishwasher safe, making it the perfect kid-friendly dinnerware set to get your kids. $26.95.

Easy-Pack Travel Feeding Set

6 months and up

Traveling is already tough as it is, so lets not making feeding while traveling any more difficult. The Easy-Pack Travel Feeding set offers folding travel spoon, sip-to-straw cup, travel bowl, and spoon and formula-to-food containers, making it  useful for storage and on-the-go travel needs. This set is also BPA free and dishwasher safe. $29.99.

Eggware Utensils

6 months and up

The Eggware utensil set comes with 3 utensils, a spoon, spork, and a fork and helps babies ease into the next stage of their self-feeding life. You first start off introducing them to the spoon and dippi-stick, which are easy for little ones to grip and are gently on their gums. Once they have mastered those utensils it is on to the fork which will help them learn how to grab and spare food (it is suggested to not move onto the fork until your baby has control of their eating movements).  This set has the features of choke barer to protect your baby, can double as teethers, and is dishwasher safe. $16.99.

Ezpz Mini Feeding Set

12 months and up

Baby feeding can get hectic sometimes, but these sets can help you and your baby enjoy the process, and begin to develop independence with self-feeding! The Ezpz Mini Feeding set comes with a spoon, fork, and a mini mat plate and is made with silicone and nylon making it gentle for your baby’s teething needs. These sets are sure to help make baby feeding a breeze!  $39.99