14 Best Ice Cream Shops in NYC

Best Ice Cream Shops In NYC

During the summer, there’s nothing that beats the heat quite like ice cream! Luckily, there are plenty of places around NYC to get a frozen treat. Find your new favorite flavor at one of these unbeatable ice cream shops. 

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Sugar Hill CreameryCentral Harlem & Hamilton Heights

Sugar Hill Creamery serves handmade, small batch ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts. The flavors consist of seasonal and classic flavors that are available year round.

At Sugar Hill, the flavors are inspired by Caribbean and Midwestern cultures. Not only does Sugar Hill play a role in the ice cream business, but they also contribute to artistry, music, literature, and food in New York.

Caffé PannaGramercy Park

Caffé Panna is an Italian inspired coffee bar and ice cream shop. This ice cream shop offers flavors that change daily, so customers will have a new sweet treat to try every day.

For newcomers that aren’t quite sure what to cool down with, the signature menu item is the Affogato Sundae. Customers are also welcome to take home a pint of the ice cream from Caffé Panna as well.

Downtown Yogurt & Ice Cream – Tribeca

If you are a lover of all things ice cream, then you have to stop by this awesome shop! Downtown Yogurt & Ice Cream has everything you could possibly want from frozen yogurt and Bassett’s ice cream, to ice cream sandwiches and floats.

This shop is also great for those who are looking for a different kind of sweet treat. They also have edible cookie dough and warm brownie creations that are sure to be crowd favorites.

The shop will also be opening an outdoor party area soon, which means you can have all of your friends and family join in on the fun!

Emack and Bolio’s – Multiple Locations

If you’re a fan of new ice cream flavors, Emack and Bolio’s is the place for you! They offer over 75 flavors as well as vegan and live-cultured yogurt options.

Check out their cereal and candy cones for an extra sweet kick. Be sure to ask for a chocolate-dipped, nut-rolled, or coconut-covered cone! Conquer all your cravings at Emack and Bolio’s. 

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream – Multiple Locations

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream offers regular ice cream and ice cream bars. This ice cream shop also offers vegan ice cream with flavors like cashew milk ice cream and oat milk ice cream to choose from.

For the customers that can’t get enough of Van Leeuwen’s Ice Cream, they can make their way to their local grocery story and take their favorite flavors home with them.

Max & Mina’s Ice Cream – Kew Gardens Hills

Check out Max & Mina’s for the ultimate ice cream experience. This ice cream shop is filled with wacky new flavors that you and your family will definitely be curious to try.

Not only will their ice cream look good, but so will their shop! Lined with vibrant decorations, this is the place to go for a fun ice cream trip! 

Anita La Mamma del Gelato – Upper East Side & Flatiron District

Come check out one of their two NYC locations and sample rich and delicious gelato flavors. From traditional gelato, yogurt, vegan gelato, to sugar-free, they’ve truly mastered this sweet treat. Not a gelato fan? Don’t worry! They also sell soft serve with a variety of yummy toppings available! 

II Laboratorio del Gelato Lower East Side

II Laboratorio del Gelato came from the idea of flavor creation and recipe development taking center stage in a “lab”. This ice cream shop is known as having the best ice cream and sorbet around.

At this shop, customers can enjoy gelato or sorbet from 48 different flavors, and even enjoy some later with a take-out container. Their flavors often change throughout the day, so you’re sure to have a unique experience every time!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – Chinatown, Flushing and Lower East Side

The Seid family has been running the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory since 1978. With its traditional Chinese-cuisine flavors, you can expect to see options anywhere from lychee to rocky road. This shop is compact, so plan to take your sweet treat out on a walk around the neighborhood!

Davey’s Ice CreamMultiple Locations

Along with ice cream, customers can enjoy Davey’s sundaes, signature treats, homemade baked goods, a variety of drinks, and espresso.

This shop also offers many toppings for your ice cream like sprinkles or Oreo cookie crumble. For events, customers can purchase ice cream cakes as well that are ready-made or you can customize them.

Longford’s – Multiple Locations

Nolan and Patricia West started as a small-batch ice cream shop in the Westchester area in 1992 and have been crafting delicious scoops ever since.

Since then, they have become a household name in the Westchester and Fairfield Country area. Stop by one of their shops and maybe even take a pint home with you! 

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream – Greenwich Village

Check out Morgernstern’s for delicious texture-driven small-batch ice cream. This reinvented ice cream parlor founded by Nicholas Morgenstern seeks to create the perfect profile for each of its flavors.

They make their ice cream with no additives and enhance its taste through their unique method of reducing butterfat and sugar content.  No wonder there’s always a line out the door on hot days! 

Coney’s Cones – Coney Island

After the beach or rides, a fresh cup of gelato is the perfect treat to finish off your summer day! Located on the historical Coney Island Boardwalk, Coney’s Cones has the gelato for you this summer. Their 12 alternating flavors are updated every week by their very own “Maestro Gelataio”!

MalaiCarroll Gardens

Malai Ice Cream is known for using ingredients and aromatic spices deriving from South Asia. This ice cream is eggless, handcrafted, and churned with little to no air.

The flavors at Malai are unique with options like Baklava, Fig on Fig, and Ghugra. Customers can also try their sorbet flavors that continue to highlight the nuances of South Asian cuisine.