14 Best Tutoring Services in NYC for Kids

14 Best Tutoring Services in NYC for Kids

14 Best Tutoring Services in NYC for Kids

School’s almost back in session. For some students, the end of summer break leads to the beginning of the effects of the summer slide. And moving up to a new grade means new, sometimes challenging, coursework. Luckily, tutors are here to help. 

Helping them advance through their academic career is crucial, but finding the right tutor can be stressful as there are different factors to consider such as your child’s success with the tutor, their teaching style and more.

We’ve compiled a list of  14 Tutoring Services in NYC that will help your child excel in any subject!

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Bright Kids

157 E 86th Street, Suite 213 New York, NY 10128
(646) 434-1084

Bright Kids offers one-on-one subject tutoring which is individualized to make sure that each student can achieve their goals. They offer tutoring for all grade levels including Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

The tutors at Bright Kids work not only with the students but the parents and teachers as well to make sure that students are able to set achievable goals. They offer tutoring in all kinds of different subjects such as English, Writing and Comprehension, biology, science, Algebra, integrated math and much more.

Central Park Tutors

980 5th Ave, New York, NY 10075
(917) 502-9108

Every family is different and Central Park Tutors recognizes that which is why they offer a range of programs for families such as homeschooling, online and in-person tutoring, in-person academic oversight and online academic support.

Whether your child is in kindergarten or about to enter college, Central Park Tutors will be able to help. Contact this tutoring center to create an individualized program for your child!

City Kids Tutors

636 Broadway, New York, NY
(917) 979-5066

City Kids Tutors specializes in supporting students from age 2 to grade 8. They offer one-on-one as well as group in-person and virtual sessions, depending on what kind of tutoring you and your child are looking for.

They not only offer academic tutoring for students but also Test Prep, executive functioning skills and phonics and spelling. 

EBL Coaching

17 E. 89th St., Suite 1D Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY
(212) 249-0147

Are your kids struggling with certain reading and writing skills or have learning challenges, EBL Coaching may be able to help!

They offer one-on-one multisensory tutoring and focus on teaching students in grades preK-12 fundamental skills that they will need to be successful in school.

The best thing about EBL is that their tutoring sessions can take place at their learning centers, at your home, at your kids school or any convenient location.

Ivy Tutors Network

5 W 37th St Ph, New York, NY 10018
(212) 519-1981

Ivy Tutors Network has been helping students gain confidence and achieve their goals since 2003. They have all different tutors and bios that you can browse from on the website to see who would be best suited for your child.

They offer a variety of tutoring for students of all levels and schooling. They tutor students in foreign languages, English, Math, Standardized Testing, AP Exams and more. Check out their website to see the tutors this center provides!

Private Prep

201 E 83rd St, New York, NY 10028
(212) 244-7191

This tutoring center is known for hiring tutors that are professional and have mastery over their subject. They offer tutoring in all different fields of education and student level.

They also don’t just tutor students in specific subjects but they also coach students in academic skills that will help them not just succeed but thrive.

Whether your child decides to make their tutoring sessions in person or online, they are sure to learn and advance with Private Prep. Take a peek at their website to see what other services they offer and the cost for sessions!

Standout Learning

1737 York Ave, New York, NY 10128
(646) 522-8116

Standout Learning will help your child achieve their academic goals whether they are in Pre-K, high school or any level in between. They offer remote tutoring, as well as at-home tutoring, depending on you and your child’s preference.

As your child goes through more and more sessions, tutors will make sure you receive feedback that demonstrates your child’s progress and performance.

The tutors of Standout Learning believe that communication between tutors and family is crucial for a child’s success and therefore you will never have to worry or wonder how your child is doing in their sessions!

The Study Shack

157 East 86th St, New York, NY 10028
(646) 331-9456

The Study Shack provides all kinds of tutoring for any student. They have subject area tutoring which includes all subjects ranging from math and science to history, foreign languages and more.

They also have Test Prep and tutoring services in homeschooling, organizational skills and special needs. Check out their website to see if your child might excel with this tutoring center!

Tutor Me Education

260 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
(877) 500-0818

This tutoring center guarantees a 100% tutor match with your child. The tutors all have mastery over their subject and they tailor their teaching approach to fit the style of every student.

They offer tutoring in all different subjects and to students PreK-12, college, and graduate. You can choose to have tutoring sessions virtually or in person and in your own home so that your child can be comfortable in a familiar space.


392 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217
(929) 999-4660

This is a math-only learning center. Everyone knows that math isn’t always the easiest subject and that all it may take is a different perspective to get students to understand the material.

The formula that Mathnasium tutors use to teach math has transformed the way kids learn. Your child’s tutor will be able to pinpoint their learning needs and help them progress.

Whether your child decides to go to the center for in-person tutoring or stick to online sessions, the tutors in this center will accommodate your needs!

Huntington Learning Center

35-30 Francis Lewis Blvd Suite 205, Queens, NY 11358
(516) 867-4041

This center holds two options of operation: online and in-person for whatever you and your child are comfortable with.

This tutoring center takes students of any age and can help them with many different subjects such as reading and vocabulary, writing, math, science and more.

They even provide tutoring in study skills as well as ADHD support. This tutoring center creates personalized programs and instructions for each student, knowing that no two students learn the same way.

Along with helping your child achieve better grades and study habits, these tutors will build your child’s confidence and motivation as well.

C2 Education of Little Neck

252-20 Northern Blvd, Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 489-4276

This tutoring center prides itself on not only having tutors but mentors. Tutors are highly qualified with a mastery of the subjects that they teach.

Students are matched with multiple different tutors depending on the different subjects that they need help with to ensure that they get the best help the center provides.

They offer in-person or virtual tutoring for any student of any grade level from Kindergarten through high school.

Take a look at their website and discover the many resources, blogs and webinars they have to help students and parents adjust through the past few uncertain years of the pandemic!

Kweller Prep Tutoring and Educational Services, Inc.

108-22 Queens Blvd 2nd floor, Queens, NY 11375
1(800) 631-1757

No matter what subject you are looking to get help in, Kweller Prep Tutoring and Educational Services has every program you could think of.

Offering classes for kids in middle school and high school, Kweller Prep focuses on getting kids to the next level and hires tutors they believe reflect the students who take their online or in-person classes!



This online resource is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for your kids to get a little extra help with their school work.

GoPeer will connect families with qualified college students who will meet their kids virtually to tutor them and set them on the path to success.