10 Top Products for Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month and parents are lucky to have a myriad of safe and smart products to choose from. Overwhelmed by endless advice and countless choices? Have no fear. We chatted with industry expert Jen Saxton, Founder & CEO of Tot Squad to get salient advice and the inside scoop on smart and innovative baby products that are also super safe. Here are Jen’s top safety tips and our top picks to keep your precious cargo safe and sound.

Tot Squad’s Tips on Car Seat Safety

  1. Every car seat has passed the same crash testing and it’s more about how you use it!
  2. The safest car seat is one that fits your vehicle, fits your child, and that you can use correctly every single time.
  3. As tempting as it may be to add cute toys and mobiles to your car seat, don’t do it! After market products made by a brand different from your car seat–like toy bars and things hanging from handle bar–are dangerous if used in the vehicle and they can alter how the car seat works in an accident. While okay in stroller mode, always remove after market products when the car seat is in the car.
  4. Convertible car seats to take your child from birth to booster may sound great but with regular use they get dirty and beat up over time. Converting between various modes can be confusing and dangerous if not done properly.
  5. Conduct a car seat safety check. When installing for the first time, converting seats or just for peace of mind, consult a professional Child Passenger Safety Technician (like the ones at Tot Squad!) to set it up or check it out!

10 Innovative Products for Baby Safety Month: