10 Family Fun Halloween Costumes

Halloween is always a fun day (night!) to dress up, and dressing up as a family is not only creative; it’s an exciting way to celebrate a holiday dressed up as a family! Whether you get creative by crafting out all or part of the costumes or save time and order up. These 10 costumes will inspire!


1.SIA Family Costume

Show off your family’s star power with this SIA costume. The wig is the most significant investment in this costume as all the other pieces can be purchased inexpensively if you do not already have the items in your kid’s closet. To get bright white boy shorts and a white unitard in that ecru color hue, try soaking them for an hour in a pot of hot water with a black tea bag.


2. Star Wars Family Costume

You may have bits and parts of Star Wars toys in the kids’ trunks for this galactical theme. Try dusting off some of those lightsabers and pair them with some store-bought Star Wars costumes.


3. Space Family

We love the vibe of this space family look. The directions call for a lot of silver pray paint. We suggest subbing a few items for gray or metallic pieces in place of the paint. There is also aluminum tape that is a crafty mom’s best friend.


4.Wizard of Oz

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road” in this classical theme ensemble. The tin man and scarecrow main looks can most likely be found in your closet and paired with kids’ costumes that can be found online and at big stores like Target and Walmart.


5. Beauty and the Beast

Pair a Princess Belle dress with gold pieces, sand fabric, candles, and fur. You’ll have one creative take on the Beauty and the Beast costume.


6. Food Costumes

One of our favorite last-minute themes for the family costume is food. Many of these costumes can be purchased at larger stores or online at the last minute. When you mix food categories up, you get a pretty darn cool foodie costume.


7. Coco Costumes

Coco is still a huge favorite amongst kids and makes for a fun and creative family costume. You can also have these costumes work extra hard and make it your holiday card! There are quite a few pieces to this costume, best to have a checklist of what you can purchase and what can be a DIY.

A few tips:

  • Flower garlands are relatively easy to make or can be purchased.
  • If you already own a red sweatshirt, try adding Gaffers or white electrical tape to the sleeves.
  • Unless you already own guitars, try crafting one up from a large cardboard box.

8. Circus Family

Part DIY/ part purchasing makes this circus look super easy. Prop up your already owned pieces with a crafty fur ear and trim; we found this cool dumbbell for under $6.


9. Kiss Kids

Fun fact, KISS was formed in New York City, so if you have enough kids for a band, you must dress them up in one of the most iconic bands ever! All you need for these costumes is a lot of dark clothing, paint, silver fabric, Tack-It glue, and you’re set!


10. Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Baby Swee’Pea costume

This costume is a sweet take on a cartoon favorite and super easy to put together. For mom and dad, rifle through your closet for the key pieces or buy some inexpensive parts using white, navy, gold, and red trimmings for the Popeye and Olive Oyl looks. Swee’Pea is a bit more work but with some felt fabric and a glue gun, you’ll have a fun DIY costume in the making.