The 10 Best Book Series for Your Kids to Start Reading

The 10 Best Book Series for Your Kids to Start Reading
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The 10 Best Book Series for Your Kids to Start Reading

Right around now, you may be ready for the kids to head back to school, as coming up with fun activities may be being met with a few whines. Luckily, we all know that reading results in countless benefits.

Also, if the summer slide is a concern, reading regularly improves language skills, concentration, discipline, and much more. If looking for a book series for the kids to get lost in book after book, there is nothing better than these popular reads- we guarantee the entire family will be enthralled now and for many months to come.

Check out the 10 best book series for your kids to dive right into immediately!

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Katie Woo

Fran Manushkin

Ages 5-7

Katie Woo is a fun, sassy, spunky, curious girl. She’s also good at getting into trouble! This series lets you see inside the life of Katie as she goes through school. The Katie Woo books do a great job of explaining life changes and growing up to young readers. 52 books in total make up this series. After your child finishes reading about their new favorite character, Katie, they can dive into another series that focuses on Katie’s friend, Pedro! 


Scott Reintgen

Ages 5-9

The Talespinners series is filled with mystical charm that your child is sure to love. The first book in the series is called Saving Fable. In this book, a girl named Indira is accepted into the renowned Protagonist Preparatory school. She aspires to become a hero, but because she doesn’t do so well on her audition, ends up on the school’s side-character track. As the novel progresses, a question is raised… Can a side-character really save the day? In the books following Saving Fable, that question continues to be challenged.


Rainbow Magic

Daisy Meadows

Ages 6-9

If your child loves fairies and magical adventures, the Rainbow Magic series is perfect for them to dive into! Each of these books are centered around two best friends, Rachel and Kirsty, and their secret alliance with fairy friends. In every book, Rachel and Kristy help different fairies stay safe from the evil Jack Frost and his goblins. A cool thing about this series is that your child can read through these books in any order. Within the Rainbow Magic series are mini sets, consisting of four to seven books, that revolve around a specific topic, like dance, music or fashion. In all, the possibilities are endless, as there’s over 200 books to choose from!


A to Z Mysteries

Ron Roy

Ages 6-9

In the A to Z Mysteries series, your child follows a third grade trio as they get to the bottom of crimes and mysteries. Each book in this series has a fun alliterative title, like Absent Author, Bald Bandit or Canary Caper. The series has 26 books, covering the entire alphabet. In addition to solving mysteries, your child will also learn about each character’s hobbies, parents and pets. The three friends, Dirk, Duncan and Ruth Rose, appear in every novel!

Magic Treehouse

Mary Pope Osborne

Ages 6-9

When your kids read the Magic Treehouse series they are transported through time and all over the world! In each book, readers follow siblings Jack and Annie on a different adventure. There are two groups within this series. In the first 28 books, a character named Morgan Le Fay sends Jack and Annie on numerous journeys. After the last book of the first set, Jack and Annie are sent on missions by a wizard named Merlin the Magician. The books belonging to the second part of the Magic Treehouse series are longer, so I’d recommend younger readers that are just getting into chapter books to start from the beginning.



Míriam Bonastre Tur

Ages 8-12

If your kids like graphic novels, they’ll absolutely love Hooky! Graphic novels are great because they offer kids extra support in reading the text through providing more context. This series consists of two volumes, referred to as Hooky, 1 and Hooky, 2. Both volumes center around twin siblings, Dani and Dorian Wytte. Because this brother and sister miss the bus to magic school, they have to venture out to find a mentor quickly. Your kid can enter into their fantastical world from the moment they start reading! 


The Forgotten Five

Lisa McMann

Ages 8-12


In The Forgotten Five series, eight supernatural criminals flee to an isolated tropical island hideout together. As time passes, all of them disappear, leaving behind five children to fend for themselves and discover superpowers of their own. The five children end up deciding to embark on a journey back to the city their parents originally fled from. Your child will be on the edge of their seat as they travel from one world to another. If your child finishes this series and wants more, they can also read Lisa McMann’s popular series The Unwanteds!

The Babysitters Club

Ann M. Martin

Ages 9-14

When your child starts reading the Babysitters Club series, they get to follow the lives of four friends as they navigate running a childcare business for their neighborhood, referred to as “The Babysitters Club.” Each book features adventures had amongst the girls while they’re on the job, along with interpersonal struggles shared between the main characters. This series is especially great because it encourages independence and responsibility in young readers. Similar to the Rainbow Magic series, there are over 100 books published within the Babysitters Club series. And when your kids have finished reading, they’ll love the film adaptation available for streaming on Netflix!

Pennyroyal Academy

M.A. Larson

Ages 10-14

Your child enters a world of fairytales when they start reading the Pennyroyal Academy series! The Pennyroyal Academy books focus on a girl training to become a princess and fight witches at a military academy alongside other girls and boys who are training to become knights and fight dragons. This series is perfect for tweens looking to immerse themselves in a fantasy world and hone their reading skills. Just be mindful that this book does contain some scarier content for younger readers, mentioning witches, dragons, wolves and more.


The Inheritance Cycle

Christopher Paolini

Ages 13 and up

The Inheritance Cycle is about a 15-year old farm boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg, which hatches and grows into a dragon of his own that he uses to try and overthrow the evil king of the land. This series is totally immersive and engaging, but be warned that the books within it do contain some profanity and violence. Use your own discretion when deciding whether or not this series is suitable for your teen!