Meet the Winners and Finalists of the 2018 NYMetroParents Cover Contest!

Earlier this spring, we held our 2018 NYMetroParents Kids Cover Contest, and the submissions were overwhelming—who doesn’t want the chance to feature their kid on the covers of NYMP’s magazines?! We narrowed down the 1,300 photos of your cute kids to nine finalists and one fan favorite. Read on to find out who our grand prize winners are!

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy to pick finalists in our annual cover contest. But it was 1,300 times harder than we even imagined—that’s how many adorable entries poured in from every corner of the New York metro area! Once we were done oohing and aahing and narrowed it down, we invited the finalists to a glam photo shoot at Big Apple Portraits in Manhattan (unfortunately one finalist couldn’t make it). It was pouring that day, but inside it was pure sunshine, thanks to the kids’ radiant smiles and way-cool outfits (thank you, Lands’ End!)

Everybody rocked the runway, but in the end it was 3-year-old Jaden from Manhattan and 14-year-old Daniela from Suffolk County who won the grand prizes. Jaden and his family will celebrate the big win with a two-day stay at Woodloch Pines Resort, while Daniela will take her modeling skills to the next level with a scholarship to Barbizon Modeling and Acting Studio. Scarlett, our Fan Favorite from Queens, received a family pack of tickets to Sesame Place.

Want to see more of these beautiful faces? We don’t blame you. Stay tuned—many if not all of our finalists and winners will appear on our future covers—and Sophia was featured on the September covers!

NYMP 2018 Cover Contest Grand Prize Winners

jaden nymp 2018 cover contest grand prize winner      

Age: 3
Hometown: Manhattan
Jaden loves to play Fortnite.

daniela nymp 2018 cover contest grand prize winner


Age: 14
Hometown: Suffolk County
Daniela’s role model is her mom because of everything she does for her and her family.

NYMP 2018 Cover Contest Fan Favorite

scarlett nymp 2018 cover contest fan favorite


Age: 4
Hometown: Queens
Scarlett’s favorite food is a chocolate sandwich. 

NYMP 2018 Cover Contest Finalists

aalyiah nymp 2018 cover contest finalist


Age: 4
Hometown: Rockland County
Aaliyah’s favorite thing to do for fun is to play upstairs all by herself.

brielle nymp 2018 cover contest finalist


Age: 12
Hometown: Rockland County
Brielle’s favorite subject in school is math. She says she’s good at it—and because her Dad is a math teacher.

chazz nymp 2018 cover contest finalist


Age: 12
Hometown: Manhattan
If Chazz could have any superpower it would be the ability to shape shift.

dillon nymp 2018 cover contest finalist


Age: 11
Hometown: Westchester County
Dillon’s favorite subject in school is English. He says he’s pretty good at it and he finds it interesting.

samantha nymp 2018 cover contest finalist


Age: 6½
Hometown: Nassau County
When Samantha grows up, she wants to be an artist because she likes to draw and she likes to do arts and crafts. Her favorite store is Michaels.

sophia nymp 2018 cover contest finalist Sophia
Age: 4
Hometown: Rockland County
Sophia loves taking pictures.


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