Tyler Place Resort, Vermont: Why Kids and Adults Equally Love it

I don’t know anyone who has been to The Tyler Place Family Resort just once. It has a cult-like following—try it once and you’re hooked. So much so that it has one of the highest repeat visitor rates among all-inclusives. Why? Because both kids and adults really, really love it. Here’s why.

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The resort is small enough to get around on bicycle, but large enough that it never feels crowded or cramped. Located in upstate Vermont, on the banks of Lake Champlain just a few miles from the Canadian border, the property consists of a variety of stand-alone cottages as well as the main Inn. Many cottages have beautiful views of Lake Champlain. Most cottages have two or three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, sun deck, and kitchen. They have bigger cottages for larger families (or groups staying together; perfect for family reunions). 

There are no TVs in the rooms (or phones) and WIFI access is iffy (which is actually great—it forces me, and other adults—to put down our phones and really be present). It feels like a throwback to a simpler time, when technology was not everyone’s main focus—instead days are spent outside in the fresh air, really enjoying nature. 

Kids get to be kids 

I love my boys, but like most high-energy 7- and 9-year olds, they can be a handful. Especially the reigning it in part—telling them to behave at the table; asking them to stop whining; trying to convince them to join an activity that their dad and I think would be fun (and maybe they thing differently). At Tyler Place, someone else does the reigning—even better they focus on just letting kids be kids. 

The resort splits the adults and kids into separate groups—kids eat their meals and enjoy their activities with other kids, while adults do the same…with other adults (I’ll get to that in a minute). So what that means is that kids are out fishing, swimming, going on nature hikes, kayaking, mini golf, doing rock walls and ropes course all under the guidance of energetic counselors.  In fact, the counselors are one of the best parts of the resort—the kids love them because they get the likes (and dislikes) of the groups they are overseeing.

Plus, kids really bond with the other kids in their groups. Then when they are doing s’mores over the camp fire, or water balloon fights, it’s even more fun with their new best friends. 

Adults Get to Spend Time With Other Adults

I love my kids, I do, but it’s really nice to spend time talking to my husband and other adults without having to keep my eye on my kids while doing that. Uninterrupted adult time—and knowing the kids are having a blast with their own group—is another big reason for the repeat visitor rate. 

Tyler Place lets adults recharge. Some do nothing all day (hang at the pool, read in the hammock), while others (like me), do it all: biking, hiking, canoeing and kayaking. While my kids love short bike rides, I always go on the full-day bike tour since I know this is something I can’t do with the kids. Same for the full-day hike—they don’t have the stamina, but I get the chance to do it with my husband. And I do it all guilt-free, since I know my kids are having a blast with their friends. Other activities for adults include: gardening, yoga, wine tours, tennis, spa treatments and sailing.

Plus, people come from all over the country to spend their week at Tyler Place, so it’s a great chance to meet and interact with people from the South, Midwest, West Coast and New England.

The Food Is Good—Really Good

The food is really fresh with ingredients sourced from local farms. One of the most beloved features of the Tyler Place is that kids dine earlier so they can be out and about with their friends and counselors while their parents are able to relax and enjoy conversation over cocktails and meals. Meals include dishes such as: Maple Smoked Seafood Platter, Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Shrimp Scampi, Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks w/ Mango Salsa, Sweet Chili Glazed Vermont Soy Tofu and Hand Made Gnocchi w/ Truffled Leek Cream. Have allergies? No worries. There are plenty of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free options.

But Book Early

So here’s the thing about being really well like by so many people—next summer spots are booking up quickly. The season is short–from end of May until the beginning of September and many repeat visitors book next year’s stay at the end of this year’s vacation. So while there are still spots open for summer—and there are always cancellations—it’s best to book early to reserve your spot. Tyler Place Resort (or Camp Tyler as my kids call it) really is a great experience for the whole family.