When Should My Child First See the Dentist?

When should your baby should first see the dentist?

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, it is time for her to see a pediatric dentist.

It is all about developing a “dental home” just like you establish your “pediatrician home” when your child is nearly 2 days old. This way, your child gets used to going to the dentist’s office.

You can also use the opportunity to check in with the dentist to get your questions answered and make sure you are doing everything right in terms of your child’s oral hygiene at home. If there are any issues with your child’s oral health, they can get stopped in their tracks, and early cavities can be fixed before they get out of hand.

At the first visit, your little one will sit in your lap, and the dentist will likely just have him open his mouth to check his oral tissues, teeth, and lingual frenum to rule out the existence of ankyloglossia (or tongue-tie).


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