20 Tiny Ways to Show Your Kids Love

While February can bring brutal cold and the longing for springtime, it also contains one of my absolute favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day.

Before becoming a mom, Valentine’s Day meant dates at fancy restaurants or rom-coms with girlfriends (hooray for Galentine’s Day!). Since becoming a mom it means personalizing cards for 25 kindergartners, candy included. Not so romantic, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Becoming a mom has grown my heart in ways I could have never imagined and my kids show me love in tons of little and big ways through out the day. Although parenting can definitely be overwhelming at times, showing our kids that very same love is so important.


Here are 20 small ways you can show your kids love every day!

  1. Cook together
  2. Throw a dance party in the living room
  3. Ask his opinion on something you wouldn’t normally ask
  4. Say “yes”
  5. Say “I love you” wherever, whenever, no matter how random
  6. Give hugs
  7. Hide sticky notes with sweet messages
  8. Create a secret handshake
  9. Play together, even when you’re dead tired
  10. Ask her about the best part of her day
  11. Sing some favorite songs together
  12. Give your child compliments
  13. Really listen when she talks
  14. Build a fort together
  15. Create an arts and crafts project together
  16. Look at old baby pictures
  17. Tell him his birth story
  18. Smile!
  19. Plan a special afternoon at the movies or a favorite restaurant
  20. Be silly!


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