Unique family tree

“The Great Spruce” is a new, charming children’s picture book about a grandfather and his grandson who share a love for a tree that’s wonderful for climbing. Author John Duvall and illustrator Rebecca Gibbon — with her Ludwig Bemelmans-esque illustrations — demonstrate that a tree’s life doesn’t have to end when it becomes a Christmas decoration. The story takes a surprising turn when the young boy courageously saves the majestic tree from a man wielding a chainsaw. Grandfather and grandson then accompany the enormous conifer — rootball intact — on a journey to the big city, where the spruce is decked out in holiday finery. After the celebration, the tree is replanted. Perhaps “The Great Spruce” will also sprout respect for nature in your young reader’s heart.

The Great Spruce book by John Duvall, $17.99, www.penguin.com/youngreaders.