The Ultimate Diverse Music Playlist for Kids to Listen Along to

Kids listening to diverse music.

The Ultimate Diverse Music Playlist for Kids

With Black History Month coming to an end, it’s an excellent time to engage with your kids in diverse music that will be playing in your house far beyond the end of this month. Your kids can learn about different cultures through these catchy tunes. These songs are all created by diverse artists, and each one is a unique take on children’s music that once you hear, you won’t be able to stop playing.

Animal Bop by Nathalia

This energetic song is quite literally a bop. Nathalia seamlessly combines English and Spanish in this song to teach kids about their animals. It’s an easy introduction and will be a fun way to get kids to learn the basics of another language. Beyond just the language, the song is simply pure joy, and your kids will love to dance along.

African Savanna by Iya & Kuumba Kids

A unique take on “Old McDonald,” this song looks at wild animals you’d find on the savannah rather than a farm. Instead of covering animals like pigs and cows, it helps kids discover lions and giraffes. It’s a fun twist on the classic, and is enjoyable for kids of any size. It’ll teach them about the music and animals of Africa in an entertaining way they’re sure to enjoy.

“Be Outside” by Jazzy Ash

This fun and upbeat song is perfect for when kids need to get out their energy. It’s filled with several dance breaks, and a repetitive tune that’s just asking to be jumped around to. Jazzy Ash helps make the jazz style more accessible to kids. All her music exposes kids to a more diverse range of music while also keeping them engaged and entertained.

“Brown Skin Girl” by Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN, Beyoncé & WizKiD

Beyonce’s sweet love letter from mother to daughter is an upbeat modern song every kid will enjoy. It’s especially powerful for young girls of color as its lyrical content focuses on them. It encourages girls of color to be proud of their diversity and their bodies. The inclusion of Beyonce’s daughter singing the chorus makes this song easy for kids to relate to. All this makes this song an essential addition to any kid’s diverse music playlist.

“Daddy Daughter Day” by Pierce Freelon feat. J Gunn

Pierce Freelon has found a way to combine rapping and kids’ music in this song of pure joy. Rap is a genre usually unavailable to kids because of the content matter. This song breaks that convention to tell a sweet story of a father and daughter having a great day together. It’s the perfect song to introduce kids to the style of rapping.

“Dear to Me” by Rissi Palmer

This country-style song has a unique approach to a parent’s love song. It has ridiculously silly lyrics that appeal to kids while still being a sweet reflection of love. The simple lyrics will be easy for your kids to learn and sing along to. It’s a song that will always put you in a good mood, and remind your kids just how special and precious they are to you.

“The Greatest” by KING

This throwback to the 1980s will bring your family pure enjoyment. This song is more laid back and relaxed, but still has a fun vibe your kids can dance to. The music video adds an extra layer of fun with its retro video game aesthetic. It’s the perfect tune to entertain kids while also reminding parents of the music they listened to at the same age.

Humpty Dumpty by Big Don

This rap version of the classic Humpty Dumpty story is an interesting take that will instantly become a family favorite. The classic lyrical content and the catchy tune will be a hit with kids while providing them with a look at a new style of music. It’s a song of pure joy and happiness, and there’s no doubt your kids will be singing along in no time.

Kindness is the Way by Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

This uplifting song about doing things for others is essential for everyone’s playlist. It combines rap with a sweet message on the importance of kindness to create a catchy tune everyone can enjoy. It’s a joyful song that encourages kids to embrace all the good qualities of themselves. It also provides an entertaining rhythm they’ll be singing while they’re busy serving others.

Let it Come, Let it Go by Elena Moon Park

This cheery folk song will keep you swaying back and forth to the steady beat. Elena Moon Park is a Korean-American who pulls lots of inspiration from her studies of Asian folk songs. This relaxing piece of music will soothe your kids while introducing them to traditions from the other side of the world. It’s a calming song that everyone in the family will enjoy listening to.

Pinata Attack by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

By far, this is the song on the list that will get everyone up and moving around. Even though most of the song is in Spanish, it’s easy to follow and has a high-energy beat that you can’t help but dance along with. It’s the perfect song for any party or gathering. Everyone who hears it will walk away with their head bobbing and a smile on their face.

Safe at Home by Little Miss Ann 

After all the dancing provided by other songs on this list, this song’s sweet melody will provide a nice relaxing break. Written during quarantine for COVID-19, this calming song is perfect to relieve stress and anxiety. This folk song has a soothing quality that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Its presence in your home will make your time together at home peaceful and fun all at once.

Super Shaker Song by Culture Queen

This song is ideal for getting your kids up and moving. An interactive song, the fun African style beat and easy-to-follow steps will keep your kids dancing and shaking until the final note. It’s perfect diverse music for kids as it will entertain them and introduce them to a new style of music they don’t always get to hear in their own culture. When your kids are bursting with energy, let them shake it out with this song.