Turtle Bay Music School to Open Preschool in September 2019

Turtle Bay Music School, an all-ages music learning center in Murray Hill, has announced it will open its doors for preschool in September 2019. Children ages 2-5, and in some cases even younger, can attend this NYC school. It will use music as a central tool for exploration and support as students prepare for kindergarten.

Every class will have a daily visit from one of Turtle Bay’s music specialists. The lessons will include instruction in movement, percussion, vocal development, and world music. 

Incorporating music into an early education curriculum helps support the development of the whole child, staff at the school says.

“Many children are singing before they even speak. Singing has been known to help children learn,” says Whendy Carter, director of preschool. “Music can really shape a human being.”

Music will help support other aspects of the curriculum, including activities that focus on math and pre-literacy skills. By singing and participating in rhythm-based play, children will be immersed in a multisensory classroom that will help them achieve physical, social and cognitive goals.

Class size is intimate, with no more than 12 children per class.

In addition to the in-classroom learning, students will also have outdoor time on nice days at nearby St. Vartan Park, a neighborhood playground.

Other offerings at Turtle Bay Music School include free concerts and events, private lessons and the Saturday Music Project, a music education program offered to students across the city who have limited access to music instruction.

Registration for preschool is open. More information is available on the website.  

Image courtesy Turtle Bay Music School.