NYC Girl Scout Troop Comprised of Girls Living in Shelters Holds First-Ever Cookie Sale

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to brighten up a less-than-sunny Spring here in New York City, look no further. Girls from Troop 6000, a Girl Scout troop made up of girls living in a homeless shelter in New York City, are holding their first cookie sale and there’s still time to grab those Thin Mints and Dos-si-dos we love so much. 

About two dozen members of Troop 6000 will be on hand at Kellogg’s NYC in Union Square from 4-6pm through April 13 selling the famous cookies. This will be the first time the troop was able to raise money via a cookie sale and they have set a goal of selling 6,000 boxes!

Kellogg’s NYC will be donating specialty cookie-inspired menu items to the troop, too.

“The biggest impact that we see and when you talk to the girls you’ll hear them say, is that they belong to something, they have a sisterhood within the other Girl Scouts,” said Meredith Maskara of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to ABC News. “They talk to other girls who may be in their same situation who feel alone, and they feel like they have a stronger sense of community and belonging overall.”

The Coalition for the Homeless reports that there are, “63,343 homeless people, including 15,546 homeless families with 23,314 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Karina, one of the founding members of the troop told Refinery29, “I wasn’t expecting [becoming homeless] to ever happen to me. You hear about it, you see people that live on the streets, but you wouldn’t think an actual homeless person would look like me or all the other beautiful girls around here.”

Last year Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $1 million investment for the troop to expand to 15 additional shelters through out New York City.

Let’s support these girls in their goal to sell 6,000 cookies! If you can’t make it down in-person you can visit their cookie-selling site here!

Kellogg’s NYC is located at 31 East 17th Street in Union Square.

Check out the video from ABC News, below:

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