Tribeca Community School Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Photo: Marisa Erin Photography

Founded in 2006 on the principles of social constructivism, Tribeca Community School recently celebrated ten years of success in early childhood education. Teachers use the coveted Reggio Emilia learning philosophy, in which little ones are encouraged to construct their own learning.

The school caters to children between ages 2 and 5, and throughout the past ten years the educational philosophy has been based on allowing kids to grow through self-expression in various forms, including music, science, theater, and art.

“We believe children have innate capabilities and a determination to learn from their environment,” says Kristen Pallonetti, the program director. “As a school, we support this natural curiosity by engaging in topics of study and experiences that stem directly from children’s play, interests, questions, and needs.  When teachers follow the children by creating and facilitating learning opportunities, children construct deep and meaningful knowledge.”

The growth the school has experienced is reflected in the network of young alumni who remain passionate about the school, and these positive trends are only getting stronger. TCS garners multiple siblings from various families, and alumni have even returned to the school to read or give advice to the younger children.

“A great nursery school,” divulges Pallonetti, “is a combination of smart and dedicated teachers, connected and supportive families, and happy, engaged children.”

With all of these components playing into TCS’s community, the school is poised for even more development and accomplishment.

The one characteristic parents love most about the school? Relatability.

“I think families connect to our philosophy, as well as the friendships and relationships they build as parents in our community,” says Pallonetti.

As the TCS celebrates a decade of influencing the young inhabitants of Tribeca, the staff feels positive about the future.

“We established [a] great reputation and will continue to practice what we believe is the best way to teach young children,” says Pallonetti. “Our goal is to be part of the community, and to meet, visit, and collaborate with many of the wonderful entities in Tribeca.”